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Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

The Rudy Project Sterling series helmet has long been a best-seller for the Italian company. With a sleek aggressive look, excellent fit and optimal ventilation, this feature laden helmet is built for comfort and protection, long day after long day on the bike. You also get several extras that add value and can be fully appreciated by the discerning cyclist.

Construction wise, the Sterling features an EPS liner, which is InMold with the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton. That system takes force at impact , dissipating it by moving it away from the skull, releasing energy outward. The exoskeleton holds the structure together, to provide protection after initial impact, if necessary. Structurally engineered for protection, fit, and comfort but underlying the function of the Sterling is Flow Through ventilation. Eighteen carefully arrayed vents bring in air, allowing it to move around the skull, before releasing it out the back in a constant process. While every helmet company has similar systems, the Rudy design works well, and is noticeably quiet. The goal is immediate effective evaporation of perspiration while the bike is moving along, and it is very effective on the hottest days.

Proper fit means comfort and added safety. Rudy Project developed their RSR7 Custom Fit approach to offer a fit and retaining system that is highly adjustable both vertically and in tension. Up to 6 height positions are available so you can get the carriage of the helmet correct. Tension is controlled by the excellent rear dial, which can be tightened or loosened in small measures with a single hand. The dial features a hydrophilic rubber surface that can easily be controlled with wet, dry, or gloved hands. The soft flat straps are held in the yolk by the Divider Pro strap management system. It seems the straps never twist or fold, and the placement of the yolk is easy manipulated for comfort and practicality. There are two sets of pads, one is standard option, with superb comfort and antibacterial properties. The second uses the same pads but they are built into an integrated bug net, which allows air to flow in, but prevents bugs from doing the same.

In addition to the extra bug net pad set, Rudy Project also includes a microfiber bag for storage to protect your Sterling Helmet during transport. A visor that pops in easily and and offers some sun protection comes with the helmet, as well as an additional pad. The last feature is a front-facing Garage Eyewear Dock, two ports that stably hold sunglasses up and out of the way when you don't want them on. This system works well with most sunglass frame arms available today.


  • Pro tour level road helmet with innovative design and technologies that enhance safety, performance, and comfort
  • InMold construction creates unified system of polycarbonate shell, EPS liner, and Exoskeleton to dissipate and release energy from impact
  • RSR7 Adjustable Comfort Fit and Retention system, with vertical adjustment and dial micro-control of tension
  • Soft, flat straps and Divider Pro increase comfort, ease of use
  • Front-facing Garage Eyewear Dock secures glasses when not in use
  • Flow Through ventilation system uses 18 vents to channel and release air and moisture from along the head
  • Safety Reflection System adds reflective stripes to straps, retention cradle
  • Includes: Microfiber pouch, 2 sets of pads, one with bug net; visor, additional pad
  • Sizes: S/M, Large
  • Colors: White/Blue, Black/White Matte, White/Blue/Silver, Titanium/Red, White/Red/Silver, Red/White, Le Fluo Yellow/Blue, Le Fluo Pink/Blue, Orange Fluo Black, Black/Red Fluo Matte, Yellow Fluo Black Matte, Black Stealth Matte
  • Weight: 349 grams
  • Made in Italy
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