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Road Saddles

The Aspide was introduced in the early to mid 2000s and has remained a staple of San Marco's saddle range ever since. The smooth anatomic profile with flexible carbon shell has been a popular choice amongst many professionals, and riders looking for top performance and all-day comfort. Beyond shape, the combination the carbon reinforced shell with San Marco's Biofoam padding and high quality construction, makes the Aspide an easy choice for many cyclists. Hand made in small batch production, availability can vary from time to time.

The Aspide shape is what San Marco refers to as the Wave design. The side profile of the saddle from front to rear, has a 5mm central depression similar to a curved line or wave, hence the name. This wave shape is a natural anatomic fit and provides the base for lumbar and lower back support with a good balance of support and relief. The Carbon FX saddle has a central relief channel which optimizes the multi-density Biofoam padding for optimal comfort and pressure release.

The Carbon fiber reinforced shell has the right amount of flexibility to offset the stiffness of the carbon rails and DNA X-Shaped Waist. This unique design sees a literal x-shape criss-cross carbon construction that allows the frame to be both lighter and more rigid. The x-shape creates a frame which is torsionally strong to reduce twisting and flex, even when you are running your saddle position to the ends of the rail in fore or aft position. Carbon body and DNA carbon rails help keep the Aside carbon FX down to a respectable 147 grams(132mm width). Choose from 132mm and 142mm width depending on your preference.

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  • Carbon fiber reinforced shell
  • Biofoam closed cell foam with Microfeel cover
  • Full carbon rails with DNA X-Shaped waist
  • Microfeel synthetic leather cover with corner reinforcement panels
  • Standard 9.8x7mm rail dimensions
  • 132mm (Narrow): 277x132 mm/147 grams
  • 142mm (Wide):142 mm/150 grams
  • Made in Italy
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