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Road Saddles

Selle San Marco Aspide Supercomfort Saddle

Building of the classic Aspide platform, the Supercomfort was designed to offer an extra level of comfort and support. The Biofoam pad that rests on the shell has an added layer of gel to produce an extremely smooth ride, void of numbness and pressure.The gel is firm and supportive as not to reduce performance, but its presence via comfort is felt in a passive way. The rest of the saddle is pure Aspide. This means that the side profile of the saddle from front to rear has a 5mm central depression to create the Aspide wave profile. This shape provides the base for lumbar and lower back support with a good balance of support and relief. The Aspide Supercomfort saddle has a long central cutout improves the blood flow to prevent numbness and provide welcome pressure relief on the perineum.

The carbon fiber reinforced shell has the right balance of flexibility and support to provide a solid cycling platform. The shell is mounted to San Marco's Xsilite rails. These hollow steel rails that are constructed with a high percentage of silicon and combined with titanium and carbon particles. The are durable and offer just the right amount of flex for a form of passive suspension on the bike. The Microfeel cover is similar to leather, except far easier to care for and maintain. The Aspide Supercomfort weights in at 216 with Xsilite rails.


  • Carbon fiber reinforced shell
  • Gel padding top layer
  • Biofoam closed cell foam padding
  • Xsilite have Stealth finish/Manganese have black finish
  • Perforated Microfeel synthetic leather cover
  • 277x142mm dimensions
  • 216 grams/Xsilite rails
  • 228 grams/Manganese rails
  • Made in Italy