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Road Saddles

Selle San Marco Mantra Carbon FX Full-Fit Saddle

These Mantra Carbon FX saddles are 136mm wide, weigh in at 162-170 grams and are first quality. The packaging is simple, as the saddles were originally intended for OE use.

The Selle San Marco Mantra series saddles have come in many variations, but the most popular has been the standard, Full-Fit version. As a great platform for road, gravel, cross or XC MTB, the Mantra has been available in Full-Fit or Open, with Narrow (136mm) or Wide (146) widths, on both Xsilite (ti-alloy) and Carbon FX rails. With a slightly squarer nose and wider flare tail, 136mm wide Mantra Full-Fit Carbon FX has a flatter top shape than the comparable 132mm wide Aspide, which has a very slight Wave top shape. The wider tail design favors those who like a little extra coverage and support at the back, while the dominant sitbone position is more similar in location to the narrower Aspide. If your sitbones are a bit wider or slightly angled outward to the rear, you just end up a little further back on the Mantra. Fit is a very personal choice and driven by sitbone width, alignment and hip angle, but many cyclists who like the firm-ish Aspide platform for a road race fit end up choosing the Mantra for a moderately less aggressive hip angle, such as on a cross-country hardtail or gravel bike.

The 278mm long Mantra Full-Fit Carbon FX Saddle features a resilient but slightly forgiving carbon-reinforced composite shell, which carries a Biofoam closed cell padding that conforms to sitbone pressure and recovers for consistent comfort on a ride, and over time. The shell and padding have a central relief channel to reduce pressure at the perineal zone. The Microfeel cover protects quite well against water and perspiration, while offering excellent durability for a race-level saddle. It is resistant to light abrasion and allows you to slide, but also offer a little friction to prevent sliding. The rails are a 9.8x7mm oval carbon design featuring San Marco's Carbon Waist DNA structure, known for it's forward X-shape, which adds more strength and reduces torsional flex to the rail system. While these rails do mitigate vibration via carbon fiber's natural properties and the structure, they offer little if any flex, making a Carbon FX designated saddle a stiffer platform overall. Heavier cyclists may prefer this stiffness to the pedaling platform. The mild flex of the shell and the BioFoam padding system still offer comfort. Lighter-weight riders may not notice this much, but opt for the carbon rails to shave about 30 grams off the Xsilite option.

One extra note on the Mantra is that the rear rail structure is braced to reduce tail section flex. That brace is supported (and is visible from the top of the saddle) by the rear composite fitment. In other words, that detail is functional, not aesthetic. As always, the construction and finish of these San Marco saddles is excellent, and over the years, Excel Sports have sold multitudes of their saddles in this material and component configuration to great success with many repeat buyers. The stealthy look of the black on black graphics ensure this Mantra will look great on any bike.


  • Narrow (136mm) Mantra Full-Fit carbon rail saddle designed for semi to aggressive riding posture; narrower sitbones
  • SSM considers this a Flat profile shape, with a central relief channel to reduce pressure at the perineal zone
  • Firmer saddles with a flatter design are intended to lift the bone structure and support it, and may take a little longer to get used to than a slightly more cushioned saddle, but can offer increased blood flow and stability
  • Carbon reinforced shell with Biofoam padding and Microfeel synthetic cover all offer durability, performance
  • Carbon Waist DNA rails (9.8x7mm oval), forward X-shape that reduces torsion; stiff, strong, attenuate vibration
  • These carbon rails offer less flex than Xsilite or titanium rails, creating a stiffer overall platform, but the shell still has mild flex and offers the same padding
  • All Mantra rails also have a bracing under the tail to limit tail flex, and is fixed through the shell to the composite fitment at the rear center of the saddle
  • Dimensions: 278mm Long / 136mm Wide
  • Color: Black (glossy black graphics on black cover)
  • Weight: 165 grams (actual-average; +/- 3g range
  • Note: OE packaging, our label may list 132mm width, but it is 136mm