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The Schwalbe G-One Bite Super Ground 700c Gravel Tire is engineered for the most demanding off-road gravel experiences. This tire deviates from the typical adventure tire paradigm that seeks to amalgamate mixed-surface attributes. Instead, it zeroes in on delivering superior traction and robustness in off-road conditions. The design philosophy behind the G-One Bite is to excel in rugged terrains, ensuring that the tire's performance is not just adequate but exceptional when it departs from paved roads. Its construction features an open tread design with substantial outer blocks. These elements are critical in providing stability and confidence during cornering, as they actively bite into the trail surface for unwavering grip. Additionally, the strategic spacing between the knobs plays a vital role in debris shedding, keeping the tire clean and efficient on varied trails.

Schwalbe has further refined their acclaimed SnakeSkin construction in the G-One Bite, enhancing its resilience and durability. This innovation introduces a light yet sturdy fabric layer, which renders the tire virtually impervious to cuts, safeguarding both the sidewalls and the under-tread area. This advancement not only minimizes the tire's weight but also amplifies its puncture resistance, broadening the tire's applicability in a diverse array of technical terrains. Super Ground casing combines light weight and stability which feels comfortable in any terrain. It is a perfect balance of puncture protection and smooth rolling. The G-One Bite is an ideal choice for cyclists who predominantly traverse dirt paths over asphalt and seek a tire that can sustain aggressive trail riding with a drop bar bike. Its design ethos and structural integrity make it a quintessential tire for maintaining control and stability on challenging off-road adventures.

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  • Schwalbe G-One Bite designed for aggressive off-road cycling
  • Focus on superior traction and durability in rugged terrains
  • Open tread design with substantial outer blocks for cornering stability
  • Super Ground performance casing
  • Enhanced SnakeSkin construction for cut-proof sidewalls and tread
  • Optimized for dirt paths, ideal for drop bar bikes on technical trails
  • Weight: 700x40mm | 535g, 700x45mm | 610g, 700x50mm | 665g
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