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Serious all-mountain and Enduro trail riders have embraced the open, angled tread blocks with serious side knobs of the Schwalbe Hans Dampf tire design. The combination of rolling speed, edge grip, and traction is hard to beat in a variety of soft, mixed, and hardpack conditions. Schwalbe has stepped up their game with new Addix technology, making drastic improvements to your favorite all-mountain tire. With the Hans Dampf SS Addix SpeedGrip TLE Tire you are getting Schwalbe's EVO level tire with SnakeSkin protection, Tubeless Easy engineering, and the amazing Addix SpeedGrip compound. This is a tire for everyday use that can easily be raced, if only to the trailhead.

Schwalbe is keeping the exact details under cover, but Addix is a completely new tire ingredient mixing approach, with higher quality materials that have been assiduously tested and balanced to determine the new Addix compound options by desired properties. Anyone who has enjoyed the tubeless and riding performances of Schwalbe's race-level tires, but not the durability issues, has to be both shocked and overjoyed with such a massive gain in physical integrity without gaining weight or losing performance.

The Hans Dampf SS Addix SpeedGrip TLE Tire can be run as low as 23psi, a massive advantage for grip and control, especially in hardpack and mixed, rocky conditions. As an EVO line tire, it has the bead to bead SnakeSkin protection needed to protect against abrasions. The Tubeless Easy system developed by Schwalbe is generally considered the best. From installation, to initial sealing and seal during use, you can feel the company's commitment to tubeless design and technology. The same can be said of Addix. Schwalbe keeps pushing the bar higher, and as a rider, you benefit.

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  • All-mountain speed and grip tire with massive improvement in durability
  • Low profile, widely spaced center, angled outer, tread blocks for speed and grip
  • Addix SpeedGrip delivers greater strength, superior grip, terrain damping
  • SnakeSkin protection bead to bead against abrasion, puncture
  • Evolution Series tire with flexible Tubeless Easy bead system
  • Recommended pressure range: 23-50psi
  • Max load rating: 275lbs (29"), 254lbs (27.5")
  • Blue stripe in tire denotes Addix SpeedGrip compound
  • Weight: 795 grams (27.5 x 2.35) 850 grams (29 x 2.35) 975g (29 x 2.6)
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