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Mountain Tires - 29 inch - Tubeless

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Addix Soft Tire

The Nobby Nic has always represented a versatile tread design that could conceivably be ridden offroad anywhere, anytime. As tire design, tread compound science, and overall construction methods have changed to maximize the benefits and effectiveness of tubeless use, the entire mountain bike tire line-up has evolved, and the Nobby Nic got a revised tread design this season that has truly improved it's all-around capabilities. The all-rounder that works in every situation, no matter the weather, no matter the terrain. It has widest possible range of use: for Tour and All-mountain, even for difficult XC tracks as well as technically challenging Enduro trails. That reads as serious versatility, but when you add in the versions Schwalbe has produced by varying the casings and rubber compounds, the optimal Nobby Nic for your needs is available.

As an Evolution-series tire, the folding bead tire has been rated for serious recreation to elite competition use. The proven TLE, tubeless easy bead makes for faster and better installation, with excellent coordination with many rim designs for a great seal. The Super Trail casing happens to be Schwalbe's most versatile construction, built for riding on all trails. It delivers reliable puncture protection, and is combined with high lateral stability at low air pressures. Extra reinforced sidewalls protect against punctures and abrasion, while serving to dampen impact.

The Addix compounding system delivers the best rubber blends for the purpose and usage of each version. Addix Soft is reasonably fast, while being optimized for responsiveness that allows the tread to conform, grip, and control on the trail despite the varied conditions. Many riders describe the feel and response they can ascertain up at the cockpit, allowing them to ride more instinctively, with less guesswork about tire performance. The overall tread lugs have enlarged gaps between blocks for better self-cleaning when needed and overall effectiveness on on mixed and loose terrain. With the center tread zone you get outstanding braking and forward traction due to special center stud arrangement, which offer a diamond-like shape from a 2/3/2 pattern, and each diamond is bridged by a close pair of central knobs. You get speed and somewhat contradictory capabilities in braking and traction requirements.

The Nobby Nic SuperTrail Addix Soft tire adds an enhanced terrain experience and grip, while being more forgiving overall thanks to the SuperTrail casing. While it may not be as light or as supple as the Super Ground casing version, it can handle dry, wet, loose, soft, and so on, but damps the impacts of more aggressive trail conditions, especially at speed and improves protection. This is a tire that you can find on almost any mountain bike, anywhere, with the exception of a downhill rig, yet it sacrifices nothing in the pursuit of it's all round capabilities.


  • Prime all around/all conditions MTB trail tire with Super Trail casing, and Soft compound for impressive speed and grip in a more forgiving tire with improved terrain engagement
  • Evolution Line folding tire developed for high-level recreational and competition use; with Schwalbe's Tubeless Easy design
  • Super Trail- 50EPI, Schwalbe's most versatile MTB tire construction, built for all Trail use
    • Reliable puncture protection paired with high lateral stability at low air pressures
    • Extra reinforced sidewalls protect against punctures, abrasion and mitigate impacts
  • Addix Soft- designated by the orange tread stripe, the compound is soft, optimized for responsiveness with moderate durability
    • Offers impressive speed and grip with shoulder knob control and traction
    • Most versatile surface and all conditions MTB tire in Schwalbe's line-up
  • Updated modern trail bike tread with stable shoulder blocks for even more traction
  • Enlarged gaps between blocks for better self-cleaning
  • Outstanding braking and forward traction due to special 2/3/2 center stud pattern arrangement bridged by a close pair before spacing back out
  • E-25 Compatible for electric bike use (25kmh | 15.5mph)
  • Stats: Size | Pressure | Load rating | Weight:
    • 29x2.35 | 23-50psi | 275lbs | 1045 grams
  • Color: Black