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Mountain Tires - 29 inch - Tubeless

Schwalbe Racing Ralph Super Ground Addix Speed Tire

Schwalbe focuses on competition with the aptly named Racing Ralph design, and this XC-bred tire has changed as course requirements and lower pressures afforded by tubeless use have changed how riders prepare for and attack both short track and standard XC events. Of course, rubber compounds and other construction features allow for tire improvement as well. The last update gave us the Addix Speed rubber, and now this EVO line TLE tire features the bead to bead Super Ground protection of full Snakeskin coverage, which improves puncture and abrasion protection, as well as giving the tire a very consistent flex and feel, noticeable at lower pressures. The shape has changed as well, becoming less rounded for a more natural wide footprint regardless of tire size.

The Racing Ralph is now primarily as a rear tire choice, which offers speed and low rolling resistance thanks to Addix Speed, with a tread pattern designed for that purpose, but with edge knobs for better corning grip and control. It is best paired based on race day course conditions with a more assertive tire, perhaps a great all-rounder like the Nobby Nic on a wet, nasty day or maybe a faster Rocket Ron in better conditions thanks to it's stiffer shoulder knobs that offer a more reassuring feel when cornering.

All EVO line tires are considered race-level, and in this case a 67 epi casing is ideal for the Racing Ralph ADX SPD Super Ground TL Tire. The casing and the bead to bead SnakeSkin offer good suppleness, allowing the flatter tire shape to sit on the ground on camber or off in lower pressure range. Many of Schwalbe's pure MTB race tires struggled with the balance of protection, weight, and performance. Given the challenges and diverse conditions of many XC events and XC trail riding, the addition of a little weight for better durability and performance was the proper trade-off. With Addix Speed offering a very consistent, low rolling resistance riding experience, even as the tread wears, grip and control come with speed and fast responses.


  • Updated XC race/ XC trail tire ideal for rear use in all-around conditions
  • Super Ground bead to bead SnakesSkin protection for consistent feel and puncture/abrasion resistance
  • Evolution series tires, folding Tubeless Easy bead
  • Addix Speed delivers superior speed, and very low rolling resistance with very good grip
  • As with most race tires, the focus is on speed and performance, but tire has good protection and durability
  • Updated shape is flatter across tread pattern, less round than predecessor, which delivers a more consistent and reliable footprint for better traction and control at low pressures
  • Casing: 67 epi
  • Size: 29x.25", 29x2.35" (rated for 23-50 psi)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 750 grams