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Developed an ideal front XC race and fast XC trail tire to pair with a Racing Ralph rear, the Schwalbe Racing Ray SS Addix SpeedGrip TL Tire. The completely new, extra aggressive XC profile paired with the versatile Addix Speedgrip compound makes Racing Ray an XC weapon and an ingenious addition to Racing Ralph, for great speed and optimal control over a variety of terrain conditions.

The key to the Racing Ray, and the reason why it is generally only suited to be a front tire, is the design profile of the tread system. All of the other technologies are standard for Schwalbe Evolution models, such as the SnakeSkin lightweight protection, TL Easy bead, mid-rounded XC shape and overall balance of light weight and supreme performance. So what is different about the Racing Ray's tread design? First, the low shifted and offset siped center section blocks indicate the desire to run true tubeless pressures, ensuring tremendous grip and control while speeding over uneven hard or soft surfaces. The stable shoulder blocks are striking in that there is no gimmick. Just angle knobs with a taller edge profile and directional siping. You have cornering bite and control, without scrubbing speed. In between the grips is a sophisticated open area where space is governed by the tread block set-up to allow the tire to move and conform while keeping active tread engaged at all times. This enables precise steering, reliable cornering far into the limit, sporty handling and direct feedback.

The tech features and tread design are all brought together for and ideal XC race front tire with Schwalbe's use of the the "blue line" ADDIX Speedgrip rubber compound. which adds durability to the speed and grip of the name. You get the firmer rubber in the center where you need the rolling speed and resistance to sharp rocks and wear, and a slight softer outer edge to assist the shape of the tread lugs with cornering grip. The Racing Ray design is impressive and really does complement the Racing Ralph rear selection for great overall XC capabilities at the highest level of the sport. Return to Top


  • Lightweight speed XC front-specific tire to complement Racing Ralph rear/li>
  • Shifted center blocks, stable shoulder blocks balanced by sophisticated spacing
  • Addix SpeedGrip delivers low rolling resistance, superior grip, terrain damping, and overall durability
  • SnakeSkin protection bead to bead against abrasion, puncture
  • Evolution Series tire with 67 EPI casing, flexible Tubeless Easy bead system
  • Recommended pressure range / load rating / weight
    • 27.5 x 2.25": 26-54 / 243 lbs / 590g
    • 29 x 2.25": 26-54 psi / 265 lbs / 625g
  • Blue stripe in tire denotes Addix SpeedGrip compound
  • Select from available sizes in dropdown menu
  • Color: Black
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