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Mountain Tires - 29 inch - Tubeless

For trail ripping denizens of the dry and hardpack, rocky Southwest and California, Schwalbe has a perfect rear tire for you. The Rock Razor is fast, offers excellent grip, and is quite durable despite the abrasive surfaces that define dry, rocky regions. It was truly designed as a rear tire, and in this version, it features the Super Trail construction that mitigates the impacts of the trail, while delivering superior puncture and abrasion protection, even at low tubeless pressures. Matched here with the Addix SpeedGrip compound you get the low rolling resistance you crave, but great traction and holding grip on rocks and mixed surfaces over hardpack. When the sand piles up the super aggressive shoulder knobs will keep you in control without sacrificing much speed. For real trail use try pairing with a fast, but assertive front tire option like the Hans Dampf Super Trail Addix Soft. On fast trail overall with some real technical sections you might opt for a Nobby Nic Addix Speed, or for more XC-trail routes, try the less aggressive, but well balanced Racing Ralph in whatever build you prefer. Either way, the Rock Razor will deliver the drive wheel performance you require.

As an Evolution-series tire, the folding bead tire has been rated for serious recreation to elite competition use. The proven TLE, tubeless easy bead makes for faster and better installation, with excellent coordination with many rim designs for a great seal. The Super Trail casing happens to be Schwalbe's most versatile construction, built for riding trails that can beat you up. It delivers reliable puncture protection, and is combined with high lateral stability at low air pressures. Extra reinforced sidewalls protect against punctures and abrasion, while serving to dampen impact.

The Addix compounding system delivers the best rubber blends for the purpose and usage of each version. Addix SpeedGrip is truly fast, while being optimized for responsiveness and grip that allows the casing and tread design to thrive in hardpack conditions. As a rear-only tire, the Rock Razor responds quickly with traction and grip. The tread pattern tells the story. The center tread is 4/3 rows of flat studs with small gaps for optimal rolling resistance. These lugs have grippy edges that offer ample traction on hard ground. That is where drive and speed come from, despite being durable. Out on the shoulder, massive studs with rectangular shape, are placed at a slight angle directional angle for good cornering grip and superior hold, but also serve to stabilize and allow for traction in softer sand or dirt..

At pressures closer to the max, the shape is rounder, the tire faster, but not super round. It thrives at mid-range pressures, maintaining higher speed without sacrificing stabilization or control. For grinding climbs and slower, more technical descents, a lower pressure might be the key to unlocking optimum traction on the way up, and keeping the footprint supple on the way down.

The Rock Razor Super Trail Addix SpeedGrip is impressive for such a specific tire. If the trail conditions and circumstances described here have you nodding your head, deep in local and regional knowledge, it's appeal is clear.

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  • Conceived as an ideal rear tire for hard, dry, rocky trails; with a fast, grippy compound and resilient, protective casing
  • Evolution Line folding tire developed for high-level recreational and competition use; with Schwalbe's Tubeless Easy design
  • Super Trail - 50EPI, Schwalbe's most versatile MTB tire construction, built for all trails
    • Reliable puncture protection paired with high lateral stability at low air pressures
    • Extra reinforced sidewalls protect against punctures, abrasion and mitigate impacts
  • Addix SpeedGrip- designated by the blue tread stripe, the compound is moderate, optimized for speed, low rolling resistance, and inherent grip on hardpack and rock, with real durability
    • Offers impressive speed and grip with shoulder knob control and traction
    • Popular from dry, hardpack conditions for XC race, XC trail, Marathon and Enduro
  • Center tread is 4/3 rows of flat studs with small gaps for optimal rolling resistance
  • These center lugs have grippy edges that offer ample traction on hard ground
  • Massive shoulder studs in rectangular shapes placed at slight angle for good cornering grip
  • E-25 Compatible for electric bike use (25kmh | 15.5mph)
  • Stats: Size | Pressure | Load rating | Weight:
    • 29x2.35 | 23-50psi | 275lbs | 915 grams,
  • Color: Black
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