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Road Rim Strip & Rim Tape

Schwalbe Tubeless Rim Tape

Schwalbe's Tubeless Rim Tape is works well with any tubeless rim that calls for the tape width available. It is applied in a single layer wrap in many applications, even high pressure road use(see your rim specification- some may require two wraps to push bed a little higher on rim bed). We have found the tape to be among the most user-friendly available and it holds up well over time and frequent tire changes. Proper rim prep and cleaning is crucial to all tubeless tape performance. Available in several widths. Sold in 10 meter rolls.


  • Schwalbe's own Tubeless Rim Tape, yes it is blue
  • Extremely user friendly and at the same time very high pressure resistant
  • Generally used in single wrap coverage, but check with rim spec for requirements- especially if you are using a tubeless conversion, and not a TLC or TLR rim design
  • Always properly clean, prep and dry rim before installing
  • Sold in 10 meter roll
  • Widths available: 23, 25, 32mm
  • Color: Blue