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The Most Tiger Alu Aero TiCR Stem is expertly crafted from forged aluminum, which undergoes CNC machining for precision. This process ensures both a significant boost in aerodynamics and a robust resistance to twisting forces. PinaLAB's TiCR technology enables seamless integration of cables when paired with a MOST handlebar, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, the iTiger mount feature on this stem offers the convenience of having your data easily accessible via a Most computer mount. It also provides the versatility to attach a safety light or camera, making it a great choice for cyclists who prioritize safety as well as performance.

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  • Crafted from precision CNC-machined forged aluminum for durability and aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Offers high torsional rigidity, resisting twisting forces effectively.
  • Incorporates PinaLAB's TiCR technology for seamless cable integration with MOST handlebars.
  • Features the iTiger mount for easy access to cycling data, safety lights, or cameras.
  • Combines aesthetics with functionality, making it a top choice for performance-focused cyclists.
  • 165 grams (100mm length)
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