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Road Saddles

Selle Italia Diva Gel Lady TI 316 Superflow Saddle

The Diva Gel Superflow Lady Saddle expands on the Diva Gel design with a longer, more effective central channel. The Diva design and shape has always been a women's version of the Flite, with a flatter top and tail sides that curve and provide a thigh glide zone that some cyclists prefer for comfort over a minimalist edge. This is a saddle that fits many and is great for cyclists who ride a little more upright, but still enjoy longer rides and aren't afraid to tackle a dirt country road.

The ample gel padding isn't soft or squishy but does offer a little give while still being supportive of the bone structures, keeping softer tissue off the saddle's surface and allowing the Superflow channel to not only offer additional room, but also to allow for airflow from below. This can help keep you cooler and drier, which helps to reduce heat and friction. The gel also serves to mitigate road vibration and buzz as well as the continual small impacts you find out on the road. The edges of the channel are rounded to prevent discomfort and allow for easier movement over the full 270mm length, which gives you the opportunity to pull forward for short bursts of power or just to change pressure points.

Road vibration and impacts are also mitigated by the 7mm round titanium rails and what Selle Italia calls their Shock Absorber mount system. This allows the rails to move and be supportive of the shell without the stiffness of direct contact. The cover itself is a FibraTek synthetic that is durable and weather resistant while carrying perforations that allow the saddle to breathe and shed moisture- again for comfort. Fit wise in Selle Italia's idmatch system this is the 135mm width and is considered an S3, which fits cyclists with narrow to mdoerate intertrochanteric distance (sitbone width) and ride in a high pelvic rotation (more upright) posture.

While every cyclist has their own idea about what is "comfortable" it is clear that the Diva Gel Superflow Lady Saddle was built to emphasize support and comfort over light weight and race design, which is actually a better option for perhaps more than 50% of the women's road cycling market. This is a performance saddle, not a cushy cruiser or hybrid option, but a true road saddle for those who love to ride and put in long miles on the weekend. Some may be daily riders, some not, but the need and desire to enjoy the experience rather than suffer is a great reason to consider this saddle.


  • Women's performance saddle developed for comfort and support over hour and miles
  • Features Superflow channel for open zone pressure relief and the benefits of airflow
  • Design is some what similar to unisex Flight in flatter top shape, side coverage, support
  • Gel padding is greater than most performance saddles, but not soft or squishy
  • Designed to life the rider up from the sit bones, for those with a more upright than aggressive position
  • FibraTek synthetic cover is durable and weather resistant, with perforations to manage heat/moisture
  • Strong 7mm round 316 Titanium rails add comfort, and are mounted in absorbing material at shell
  • Size: Small (135mm width x 270mm length); S3 in Selle Italia's idmatch sizing system
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 275 grams