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Road Saddles

Selle Italia Flite Boost TI 316 Saddle

Individual anatomy is far from universal- hence all the saddle designs, widths, and features. Not everyone requires a true center cutout for comfort, so the Flite Boost has a slightly indented relief zone instead, which exposes the actual shell while the padded zones sit on either side. The Flite Boost Ti 316 Small saddle has a listed weight of a reasonable 210 grams, which is a sweet spot for a full featured endurance race model. The Flite saddle, which has always been built for the long haul in a build that is more substantial than the SLR series. That build and the history of the Flite design have ensured it is still a top seller decades down the road. The Flite Boost Ti resumes the classic “Flat” shape that has always distinguished the Flite family to guarantee, together with the modern, more compact shape and length (248mm), the demanded overall performance and maximum stability while pedaling. Road, gravel, cross, mountain, general purpose- the Flite can carry you through it all.

The Flite Boost has a full composite carbon shell, a light but dense foam cell padding for all-day vibration dampening, and the durable Fibra-tek synthetic cover in black. If you are familiar with the Selle Italia idmatch fit system, the 135mm wide Small version of the Flite Boost Saddle is an S1 and recommended for cyclists who generally don't have central zone pressure or numbness issues and are suitable for narrow to moderate sit bone placement with a lower pelvic rotation and who therefore do not really need to ease the pressure and friction that are created on the saddle. The Large, 145mm wide favors a mid to wider sitbone structure, with that low hip rotation angle. Think rotating your pelvis to drop low on the bars, versus a high pelvic angle where the rider bends at the waist with more spinal column flexibility.

If you are a long-time Flite rider who loves the flat and sturdy platform, but found the older narrow channel ineffective, the Boost version delivers you the comfort of lift, a stable platform, and control. The more compact length will keep you in the sweet spot with more comfort, and if you need to pull forward on the nose a little for a thigh burning pull, you can.


  • Flite Boost saddle optimized for power off a flatter more substantial platform; lightweight, short length, comfort
  • 7mm round Ti 316 rails allow for a little more give- comfort, and resilience over time
  • Indented relief area (not an open channel) with Boost compact profile, exposed carbon composite shell system
  • Fibra-Tek cover is durable, won't absorb water, perforated to reduce heat
  • Foam padding supplies comfort, forgiveness, reduces fatigue and discomfort all day
  • Length: 248mm
  • Widths: Small 135mm, Large 145mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: Small S1, Large L1
  • Color: Black
  • Weights: Small 218g, Large 224g (+/-5g)
  • Made in Italy