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Selle Italia has us offered several OE saddles at great prices. These models carry virtually the same design as the standard versions, but have some slight changes, and are generally a little heavier but are otherwise a great way to save on your favorite options.

The Flite Kit Carbonio Flow saddle is a perfect example of how Selle Italia has been able to take a base design, and apply proven features and technology to create more variations from the base saddle. In this case we have the current Flite Saddle, with the Flow relief cut-out, and the addition of the Kit Carbonio package, which adds their Carbo-Keramic 7x9mm rails. This reduces weight and the ride quality exceeds even that of the standard titanium rails.

The Flite Flow design has a central open relief zone that protects the perineal artery from excess pressure. The overall dimensions of the Flite Flow are exactly the same as the standard model. With a flatter profile, a short, mid-width back, open channel and quick transition to a slightly wider central area and nose, the Flite Flow provides an ideal platform for pedaling power and efficiency, without compromising support or comfort while ensuring free blood flow and easing pressure points. The construction of the Flite Flow perfectly complements the design and fit. The shell is traditional to the original Flite with 90% nylon composite, and a stiffer nose, with molded carbon used for structure and rail mount strength. There is additional reinforcement around the Flow channel so that the overall shell stiffness is the same as the standard model. Just as with the original Flite, there is a true break-in process, and the shell has some flex and give, that slightly conforms to the user. The padding also follows the theme, but actually the high density padding is slightly thicker, offering more comfort for higher mileage days in the saddle. The Fibra-Tek synthetic leather cover is breathable and durable, while offering weather protection. Selle Italia's designers have opted for a texture along the front central spine of the nose, so if you slide forward towards the nose for extra power, you can hold the position without sliding.

A great advantage of the Kit Carbonio rail design is that you have a 7mm x 9mm rail- which actually fits most standard seatpost rail clamping systems, with the vibration damping properties of carbon rails, and maximum strength due to the use of ceramic material in the rail construction. The rails support the saddle differently than titanium rails do, and don't feel soft, or offer much vertical compliance. By attenuating vibration, the CarboKeramic rails limit fatigue from road noise over the course of a long day, but keep the saddle structure more stable for a consistent ride quality over time. Not every rider wants a saddle that gives too much. Ideally you want comfort from fit and other tech, but a saddle that maximizes the energy created during the pedal stroke. A saddle that gives too much is actually limiting that power transmission.

If you already ride a new Flite Flow saddle, or are switching from the standard Flite to the Flow version for the relief of the cutout, you should consider the Kit Carbonio version. There are some real benefits to the rails, and a substantial drop in weight. The eye catching appearance and graphics don't hurt either. Ride for long miles in comfort and Italian style with the Selle Italia Flite Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle.

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  • OE version Flite Flow saddle with flatter structure, modern design, Kit Carbonio package
  • Sleek profile with wider tail-end, slightly wider central zone, Flow channel and nose
  • Shell is 70% nylon/30% carbon at the nose, offers little flex at rear, slight break-in
  • Fibra-Tek synthetic leather cover is water resistant, breathable, and durable
  • Dense foam padding, with additional thickness at ischial zone
  • Carbon-Keramic 7x9mm carbon ceramic rails are light, attenuate vibration
  • Full Length: 275mm
  • Max Width: 145mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: L2
  • OE Weight: 188 grams (+/- 5 grams on average)
  • Color: Black (w/White)
  • Made in Italy

Please Note: Due to manufacturing variances, saddle may be different than pictured.

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