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Road Saddles

For over a decade the Lady Gel Flow Saddle from Selle Italia has been a best selling aftermarket option for everyday female cyclists. Designed after considerable research and testing with female riders, the the Lady Gel Flow strikes a balance between fit, form, and function that works for many body types and physical requirements. Not a racing saddle by design or overall weight, the ideal rider has a more relaxed hip angle; perhaps rides on the hoods most of the time, and enjoys getting out for longer rides whenever possible. To best support a rider in a relaxed hip angle, the rear of the saddle is wider, accommodating the wider sit bone placement common in women, and provides more muscle support. The center of the Lady Gel Flow narrows quickly to transition towards the pedals, with angled glide areas conducive to smooth pedaling action. Overall length is typical of many women's models, short at 262mm, while max width is 160mm , much of which usable due to the flatter top section.

After a good fit for a riders body type is confirmed, the focus turns to features that ensure comfort. First, the flatter top suspends the rider by the sit bone structure. Soft saddles may feel comfortable at first, but allow the bones to sink too deep, which actually increases pressure on sensitive soft tissue. An anatomically shaped gel layer is not thick, but provides excellent mitigation from impact and road vibration. This gel zone carries forward onto the nose, traveling around the Flow relief channel. This open center section is further protection for female soft tissue. The Flow channel has soft, rounded edges for comfort and allows airflow under the saddle, helping prevent hot spots. Heat management is carried through out the Duro-Tek synthetic leather cover, which is perforated to keep the saddle breathable.

Active suspension where the tubular Manganese rails mount at the front is from an elastomer insert between the nylon shell and the rails. The rear mount of the rails is as far back as possible, allowing the rails and the saddle shell to flex slightly, again ensuring comfort from the variability of the riding surface. Female cyclists who seek comfort and support for mountain or road use love the Lady Gel Flow. It was one of the first high quality Italian saddles that was designed specifically for women- not an adaptation of a men's model. While many new models from virtually every cycling company have been released for women since the debut of the Lady Gel Flow, it is still a best seller and the choice of many builders as an OEM saddle. Just as many men's saddles from Selle Italia have become iconic and widely ridden, so has the Lady Gel Flow.

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  • Women's specific saddle with gel layer, relief zone, and active suspension
  • Excellent for sit bone support and comfort for all riding, ideal for high-mileage
  • Flatter top and narrow leg opening zone for optimal support and pedaling freedom
  • Nylon shell is stiff, features some flex, reinforced at cut-out zone
  • Duro-Tek cover is a synthetic leather that is both durable and water resistant
  • Cover is perforated for breathability, reduces friction
  • Manganese tubular round rails, 7mm
  • Front rail mount features an elastomer layer to reduce road shock
  • Rail placement at rear offers significant shock absorption at impact, shell/rail flex
  • Full Length: 262mm
  • Max Width: 160mm
  • Rear section length: 135mm
  • Width of saddle 135mm from the rear (127mm from front): 70mm
  • Height at 135mm from back (bottom rail to top): 57mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: L2
  • Weight: 280 grams
  • Option: Black
  • Made in Italy

Please Note: Due to manufacturing variances, saddle may be different than pictured.

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