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Road Saddles

Striking a balance between comfort and race performance is no easy for bicycle saddle makers. Selle Italia has the longest and most effective history of developing such saddle options. The Novus Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle is a great example. At a claimed weight of 190 grams for the Small width, this is a reasonably light weight platform in widths that supports narrow to mid, and medium to wide sitbones. Selle Italia offers the Small size in a 137mm width, and the Large size is available in a 146mm width. Both are 278mm in length. The shape and structure of the Novus Flow favors that a rider with average pelvic rotation, making this an S2 (Small), or L2 (Large) in Selle Italia's idmatch system. The flatter back half of the saddle is shaped for power transfer and energy return, while the graduated, slightly wider, lowered curve nose is designed to allow the rider to pull forward for max power when needed without sacrificing skin or stability. The performance is clear. The balance towards comfort comes from the technologies and materials used to build the Novus Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle.

The Flow designation refers to the pressure relieving cut-out in the center. For the Novus Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle this channel is fairly narrow, but still useful to reduce interaction between soft tissue and the saddle, as well as reduce perineal nerve pressure. The designers created edges that are curved and padded, so the transitions are subtle and don't cause friction or pressure points. Your width choice is based on your personal requirements, but having a saddle fit with a bike fitter or past saddle experience can guide you. It is not based on body size, weight, or gender, but the actual width of your sitbone structure.

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  • Narrow to medium width saddle with cut-out, that prioritizes the balance of comfort, performance
  • Ideal for road, endurance or gravel use for riders with moderate pelvic tilt- not aggressive, not upright
  • Composite Carbon/Nylon polymer shell is resilient, supportive, yet slightly compliant
  • FibraTek synthetic cover allows rider movement and is durable to long use, weather
  • CarboKeramic 7x9mm oval rails add structure, vibration damping at low weight
  • Medium-narrow Flow cutout, has curved padded edges, eases central zone pressure
  • Suitable for cyclists with average pelvic rotation in both width options
  • Length: 275mm
  • Widths: Small 137mm, Large 146mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch system: Small S2, Large L2
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: Small 190g, Large 200g
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