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The Boost model saddle concept, Selle Italia's short-length platform, have become a driving force for the brand as a whole, and Boost options are available in many of their saddle designs. Selle Italia offers a substantial collection of saddles, but for the last couple of decades the SLR-series have truly powered the race division. The SLR Boost series was developed for the perfect combination of comfort and performance, which has always distinguished the SLR nameplate, is further underlined by its short-length and unprecedented lightness in several options. For those who are looking for a contemporary, short nose saddle design without a cutout or overly specific or expensive design, the SLR Boost Kit Carbonio represents a premium option in a sub 140 gram weight.

The short, or compact, saddle concept delivers a more consistent seating zone with better support and pedaling platform that ensures power transfer throughout the pedal stroke when in an aggressive cycling posture. The design discourages much fore-aft movement, keeping the cyclist in a limited, but optimal pedaling position. The shape lifts the sit bones and allows the leg a clean path down to the pedals. Is it the right design for every cyclist? Of course not, but it does appeal to a great many riders who are looking for these features. Most short nose saddle designs are installed with a very slight nose-down angle, again favoring the rider position, but that will be a bike fit and personal oriented choice.

The build of the saddle starts with Selle Italia's proven Carbon/Nylon polymer composite shell. It is designed for strength and lightweight, with very good stiffness and the ability to break it in slightly. It is resilient over time, maintaining it's form and support. The cover is also a staple, the FIbra-Tek synthetic leather that is weather and sweat resistant, but durable to long-term use. Micro-perforations help keep it cooler, drier, and sustainable over time while adding a touch of surface friction. What makes this a Kit Carbonio saddle? The use of 7x9mm oval carbon rails and attachment system. Wonderfully light, incredible strong and offering excellent stiffness in support of the shell, the Carbon-Keramic rails also attenuate road vibrations that gat passed up through the frame and seatpost. The real comfort of the SLR Boost Kit Carbonio Saddle actually comes from the combination of shape and skeletal support, aided by a thin to moderate layer of high density foam that defeats the effect of impacts, as well as the consistent pressure of body weight on the saddle.

Although there is no Flow cut-out relief channel, the central section of the saddle has a near lengthwise depression that reduces central zone contact and pressure. The surface also has a texture running to the nose that adds a little grip when the saddle is weighted, for better position hold, even if you slide forward a little. The key to fit, comfort and performance is starting with the proper width. If you are familiar with the Selle Italia idmatch fit system, the SLR Boost Kit Carbonio Saddle is available in two widths, and the 130mm wide Small is an S1, while the 145mm wide Large is an L1. Both have a 248mm length. The design is recommended for cyclists with low pelvic rotation (aggressive cycling posture), with the Small favoring those with narrow sitbone structure, while the Large favors a wider structure.

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  • Short nose race saddle model ideal for durable performance and support in aggressive riding posture
  • Delivers excellent, consistent pedaling platform for productive power and efficiency
  • 7mm x 9mm oval Carbon-Keramic rails offer more shell support and overall stiffness
  • Strong rails mitigate road vibrations via blend of carbon fiber and ceramic materials
  • Lightweight Carbon/Nylon polymer composite shell, offers mild give, long term resilience, with a hint of break-in
  • Slight central recession reduces contact with sensitive tissues and nerves
  • Fibra-Tek cover is durable, won't absorb water, perforated to reduce heat
  • Length: 248mm
  • Widths: Small 130mm, Large 145mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: Small- S1, Large- L1
  • Options: Small, Large
  • Color: Black
  • Weights: Small 132g, Large 139g (+/- 5 gram average)
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