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While there have been women's saddle options for years, the current era of saddles is one of inclusion and options. More specific designs for more rider requirements and fit. No longer do you have to choose a men's pro race saddle to get high quality, lightweight, and ideal performance for the how and where you ride. The Selle Italia SLR Boost Superflow Lady Ti Saddle delivers all the top features of the SLR Boost Superflow system, shaped and padded with a build for women road cyclists who log miles, race, and throwdown on gravel or in cyclocross. You get the compact length, Superflow cut-out and sleek SLR design with relatively light weight (208 grams L), but the support and comfort you desire.

The SLR Boost Superflow Lady Ti saddle is equipped with a particular layer of gel inside the padding that allows you to benefit even more from the feeling of comfort and to maintain performance even over long distances. The women's specific “Superflow” central cutout allows to decrease the pressure from the central area and to benefit from greater comfort while pedaling. This combination makes for an ideal cycling platform for endurance or race. Complementing this you have 7mm round Titanium rails that absorb more vibration and offer some give at impact. The saddle is available in two widths, the Large at 145mm and Small at 130mm. If you are familiar with the Selle Italia idmatch fit system, the Large is an L3 and recommended for cyclists with a "wide" intertrochanteric (sitbone gap) distance and high pelvic rotation, who develop high levels of pressure on the surface of the saddle. More women may have physiological need for this moderately wide saddle, but neither body type nor gender dictate actual sitbone placement or pelvic floor shape, so understanding your needs is crucial to comfort and success. The very narrow Small is an S3, with the same high pelvic rotation. If you aren't sure, visit Selle Italia's site for more information, or if possible sit on both sizes to see which hits your sitbone placement properly.

The low friction and long-term durability of the Fibra-Tek microfiber cover is found across most of the best Selle Italia saddles and is a perfect match for the endurance crowd. The SLR Boost Superflow Lady Ti Saddle is more than competitive and quite light for any any saddle that includes gel. Although using the incredibly effective gel insert to augment the foam padding, the saddle still has a firmer feel- not squishy or soft. It effectively reduces the effect of the continual small impacts and general road buzz that saps your energy. This limits not only the immediate effects, but reduces the accumulated fatigue over the duration of the ride, and any cyclist can appreciate that. Return to Top


  • SLR Boost Superflow women's saddle for endurance/long hours; lightweight, short length, with comfort/power
  • 7mm round Ti 316 rails allow for a little more give- comfort, and resilience over time
  • Superflow SLR shape, large cut-out and profile with carbon shell system
  • Fibra-Tek cover is durable, won't absorb water, perforated to reduce heat
  • Gel inserts supplement foam, bringing comfort, forgiveness, reduce fatigue and discomfort all day
  • Excellent pedaling platform for those who have a high pelvic rotation, and bend more at the waist
  • Length: 248mm
  • Widths: Small 130mm, Large 145mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: Small S3, Large L3
  • Color: Black
  • Weights: Small 198g, Large 206g (+/-5g)
  • Made in Italy
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