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Take the SLR Boost Superflow design, add some mountain bike specific features, and you have the Selle Italia SLR Boost X-Cross TI 316 Superflow Saddle. It's not that simple, but you have the essentials. This is the first short-length Boost saddle the Italian company has developed, bringing their take on the concept to the trail. By developing a specific padding set-up that is more effective for off-road use, adding side panels that protect the exposed cover corners from abrasion or damage, and adapting their Shock Absorber system to really take the edge off harsh impacts, the designers have essentially built the ideal cross-country saddle for a hardtail or short travel race bike. If you also ride the road SLR Boost Superflow on the road, the X-Cross will be the ideal transition as you move from bike to bike, discipline to discipline.

The short-length, or compact, saddle concept delivers a more consistent seating zone with better support and pedaling platform that ensures power transfer throughout the pedal stroke. The 248mm length is about 2-3cm shorter than most standard length options, and the design discourages much fore-aft movement, which is needed in the case of the Superflow cutout, a large, tapered open channel allows more airflow while reducing pressure on and around the sensitive perineal zone. The shape lifts the sit bone structure and allows the legs a clean path down to the pedals. Is it the right design for every cyclist? Of course not, but it does appeal to a great many riders who are looking for these features. If you are familiar with the Selle Italia idmatch fit system, the 130mm width Small version of the design is an S3 and recommended for cyclists with a "narrow" intertrochanteric (sitbone gap) distance and high pelvic rotation, who develop high levels of pressure on the surface of the saddle. The 145mm wide Large size is an L3, for those with a wider sitbone gap, but the same pelvic rotation. This essentially ideal for XC trail riding and racing because the position is never or rarely as aggressive as a road race position.

Build wise, you get the Boost concept and the Superflow channel from the carbon-nylon composite shell,. The shell is designed to carry you consistently over time, but does offer a little bit of a break-in personalization. The dense, lightweight padding is a thin to medium thickness, and serves to keep you comfortable, as the shell design is truly designed to lift you properly. The synthetic leather Fibra-Tek cover is weather and sweat resistant, and features micro-perforations to allow for a little breathability. While this a durable material, the tail edges carry SuperFabric inserts on the sides help protect against any abrasions and scratches typically earned on the trail. The saddle set-up and insert positioning generally eliminate any rubbing on cycling shorts. The shell is carried and supported by hollow 7mm round Titanium 316 rails, which are famed for long-term durability, light weight, and improved ride quality. The major addition to the X-Cross build is the use of Selle Italia's Shock Absorber system, which places an impact and vibration reducing elastomer in between the rails and the receiver mounts in the shell. While adding a little, the advantages on off-road terrain are real, and deeply appreciated over long rides and that along with improved pedaling efficiency and power transfer.

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  • SLR Boost Superflow XC race/trail mountain saddle, lightweight, short length, with excellent power transfer, special features that offer comfort and protection off-road
  • 7mm round, hollow Titanium 316 rails support shell, are resilient over time, improve ride quality
  • Shock Absorber elastomer mounts lessen the effects of impacts, vibration
  • SLR Boost Superflow shape, large cut-out and profile with carbon shell system
  • Fibra-Tek cover is durable, won't absorb water, perforated to reduce heat, moisture build-up
  • Though padding is modest, there is extra padding around Flow channel
  • SuperFabric inserts at tail sides help protect against abrasions and scratches typically earned on the trail
  • Size S: 130mm wide, 248mm long / Selle Italia idmatch fit: S3
  • Size L: 145mm wide, 248mm long / Selle Italia idmatch fit: L3
  • Color: Black
  • Weights: S 181g, L 185g (+/- 5 grams)
  • Made in Italy

Please note: Due to manufacturing variances, saddle may have different cosmetics than pictured.

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