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Road Saddles

Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle OE

These Selle Italia SLR Kit Carbonio Flow OE saddles have an overall build that is approximately 40-45 grams heavier than the standard version. The padding and cover largely determine the overall weight differences. In every other way, this is the same saddle as the 131 gram version: fit, dimensions, Flow cut-out, denser padding, and CarboKeramic oval rails. If huge savings on the saddle that fits and works for you tops the value of 50 grams- and we are still talking about a sub 180 gram saddle here- then you can't turn your back on this special pricing.

There are now multiple generations of cyclists who have embraced the minimalist Selle Italia SLR saddle design. Although the company has added many variations, the best selling in the pure road enthusiast market have been the standard SLR, SLR Flow and the CarboKeramic rail versions of both. Over the years the Flow version with the central cut out channel has become our best selling version. Selle Italia has been very successful with the Kit Carbonio models, which traditionally feature as lightweight, pro-level saddles. The narrow width with the Flow cut-out fits many cyclists with narrow sit bone placement who still need some relief in the perineum region. The standard SLR length and shape allows the rider to slide forward for over leveraged quad power or sit back for a little more extension which allows for better overall muscle recruitment from the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

A great advantage of the rail design is that it's 7mm x 9mm rail actually fits many standard seatpost rail clamping systems, and features the vibration damping properties of carbon rails,with maximum added strength due to the use of ceramic material in the composite construction. The way the rails mount supports the saddle closer to the ends than most designs, yet don't feel soft, or offer much vertical compliance. By attenuating vibration that travels up the seatpost, the CarboKeramic rails limit fatigue from road noise over the course of a long day, but keep the saddle structure stiffer for a more consistent ride experience. Not every rider wants a saddle that gives too much- some find it compromises pedaling efficiency. Ideally you want comfort from fit and proper chamois pad, but also saddle that maximizes the energy created during the pedal stroke.

The shell is a Nylon/carbon composite blend, which again keeps the shell stiff, but can also conform to your body shape over time. The Duro-Tek cover is both durable, and minimizes heat and friction with assistance of airflow from the cut-out. At 131mm wide at the rear, and 275mm in length, the SLR Kit Carbonio Flow is truly a saddle for narrow sit-bone riders who prefer a minimalist, lightweight, stiff racing saddle with some undercarriage relief (an S2 on the Selle Italia idmatch system). If you have always loved the base SLR, but you want a firmer platform, lighter weight, and the benefits of the 7mm x 9mm CarbonKeramic rails, the SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle design could be perfect for you.


  • OE version of famed SLR Kit Carbonio Flow Saddle, with heavier padding and cover as well as some minor variations in cover design
  • Great value on a saddle that weighs under 180 grams, with all the other features, technology, and materials of the 131 gram version
  • Minimalist SLR Flow concept racing saddle with Italian style and construction
  • 7mm x 9mm oval rails are stiff, light and strong from blend of carbon fiber and ceramic materials
  • Standard SLR shape, Flow cut-out and profile with Nylon/carbon composite shell
  • Fibra-Tek cover is durable, won't absorb water
  • Lightweight, dense, low profile foam padding
  • Size: Small 131mm wide, 275mm long
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: S2
  • OE Color: Black (visually the OE version has a different tail detail than the standard version and no perforations fore and aft of the cut-out)
  • Weight: 178 grams (actual +/- 4 grams)
  • Made in Italy