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Many cyclists struggle to maintain comfort in the saddle, and need to take pressure off of the sensitive center zone. For some cut-outs, relief zones, or extra padding may help, but for others a large zone that eliminates all soft tissue contact is necessary. This is true of many racing cyclists as well, including those who have always wanted a Selle Italia SLR but needed a little more sit bone placement width as well. The SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow Saddle is the answer, as not only does this saddle offer a massive open zone, but is also available in two width options,131mm for the Small, and 145mm for the Large, both in a 275mm length.

The essential platform and concept of the SLR series saddles allows Selle Italia to offer versions such as the SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow. When you see the massive cut-out in center of the saddle, it seems hard to believe the Superflow is based on the SLR, but the Superflow concept serves to alleviate pressure on the soft undercarriage and perineal artery, so if numbness is your issue, but you prefer the essence of the SLR Flow concept, the SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow is the perfect choice.

From a construction perspective, the Carbon-Nylon polymer composite shell is used and the structure is reinforced so that you get some mild flex, but the essential sit bone support is consistent and provides a powerful pedaling platform at all times. The Fibra-Tek microfiber cover is durable and water resistant. The 7x9mm oval Carbon-Keramic rails are lightweight, stiff and strong. These provide more strength and overall support to the shell, and work to mitigate vibration for a smoother ride quality. The variable, high density padding is still thin, but there is build-up in key zones for ultimate comfort. Suitable for road and off-road use, this is the ideal saddle for a competitive rider who has narrow sit bones.

The total effect of the additional overall width, reinforcement, and accommodation for the large opening? How about less than 50 grams of additional weight from the standard SLR. In other words, this is still a race-level saddle. Fit and support with a saddle is truly an individual situation. What may work by the numbers may not work when you are deep in the drops powering down on the pedals. The SLR Kit Carbonio Superflow takes some of the variables out of play.

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  • Race worthy saddle with SLR profile, an extensive cut-out zone, carbon-ceramic rails
  • Superflow channel is long and as wide as feasible while still providing support
  • Composite carbon-nylon shell is stiff, features some flex, reinforced for cut-out
  • Fibra-Tek cover is a synthetic leather that is both durable and water resistant
  • Carbon-Keramic 7x9mm oval rails add structure and stiffness to the shell
  • Rail placement at rear offers significant shock absorption at impact
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: Small 131mm, Large 145mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: Small S3, Large L3
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: Small 148g, Large 153g
  • Made in Italy
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