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As with the standard SLR Teckno saddle, the SLR Teckno Flow is a truly minimalist carbon shell saddle, but in accommodating the Flow relief channel, the designers at Selle Italia had to design a thin, lightly padded top cover that sits around the channel. There are substantive reasons for this concession, just as there are legitimate reasons why riders choose the anatomical Flow design in the first place. The large opening requires that the shell must be stiffer than the standard SLR Teckno for strength and support. That minimizes some of the comfort the light flex of the standard version.

The purpose of the Flow channel is to virtually eliminate pressure on blood vessels and nerves of the perineal region. If the rider slides around too easily, the physical relationship of the rider to the saddle changes and the Flow channel can cause more problems that it helps. The combination of these factors dictate the thin cover. It supplies a thin, but dense layer of padding that replaces the comfort that the flex would have offered, and also prevents the rider from slipping, making it easier to hold the optimal position to take advantage of the Flow channel. This Fibra-Tek cover is durable and has been reliably bonded to the carbon shell. It doesn't cover the sides, so the legs can still slide easily along the shell.

While bare carbon shell saddles have been around for a decade or so, few manage to offer rider comfort in addition to cool looks and light weight. While the SLR Teckno Flow may not be a great fit for for everyone, SLR or SLR Flow riders will immediately recognize the feel and shape. The carbon shell provides a firm, stable base for a powerful pedaling platform. There are a few reasons why this carbon saddle may be the right saddle for you. First, you ride the SLR Flow now, or prefer the SLR, but have issues with numbness. Second, chamois pad technology and bib/short design have improved substantially, and with a great pad that works well with your anatomy, more saddle padding may be unnecessary. Third, the Carbo-Keramic rails and the carbon shell itself actually defeat road vibration and do offer impact reduction as well. A fourth consideration may be the comfort that modern carbon bikes, wheels, and larger tires offer. It is true that we are still looking at a fairly small number of SLR Teckno and Teckno Flow riders, but the same can be said for many saddles.

Selle Italia could likely have dropped a few more grams, but took extra care to ensure that all corners and edges are smooth, so you won't catch your shorts on the saddle. The ultra-light Carbo-Keramic rails are oval in shape 7x9mm, and despite their size, they work with many standard seapost heads. These rails are incredibly strong and resilient, and serve to attenuate vibration, as well as give optimal structural support the Teckno's shell. The rails and shell are bonded to each other. No hardware or mounts required.

Do you need this saddle? Will it be comfortable for you? Those are questions only you can answer. But work through the process: do I want the lightest saddle that will work for me? Do I favor the shape of the classic SLR and need the Flow channel? Do I wear bibs/shorts that fit me well and provide minimal but dense, effective padding? If you answered yes to all three, it is highly likely you will fall in love with the SLR Teckno Flow Saddle. Despite its 110 gram weight and minimalist design, you may find this to be most comfortable saddle you have ever ridden.

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  • Super lightweight carbon shell saddle with Flow channel, thin top cover
  • Carbon shell has same profile, shape and channel as the SLR Flow
  • Flow channel requires stiffer shell, so thinly padded top cover provides comfort
  • Reduces friction during pedaling due to smooth surface on sides
  • Shell is considered stiff; the cover should prevent slipping, to maintain position
  • Fibra-Tek synthetic leather top cover, thin dense padding
  • Carbo-Keramic solid rails 7x9mm oval shape (fit many standard seapost clamps)
  • Rails and cover are bonded directly to the carbon shell
  • Full Length: 275mm
  • Max Width: 131mm
  • Rear section length: 132mm
  • Width of saddle 132mm from the rear (143mm from front): 70mm
  • Height at 132mm from back (bottom rail to top): 40mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: S3
  • Weight: 110 grams
  • Options: Black (Carbon weave)
  • Made in Italy

Please Note: Due to manufacturing variances, saddle may be different than pictured.

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