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Road Saddles

Many of the best saddle designs created in the early 2000's are still heavily used and remain best sellers to this day. Although there have been variations and options, the adjustments of the San Marco Aspide are mildly evolutionary. The Aspide Full-Fit Saddle is the direct descendant of the original Aspide, which has long been an excellent platform in a full-fit design for powerful pedaling action with competitive comfort. The original was only available in a 132mm width, but San Marco has offered a medium width option at 142mm. Ideally the width aligns with your sit bones, giving you lift and the proper pedaling platform, while the sleek "throat" zone allows the legs to pass the sides cleanly, inline with your pedals.

The Aspide Open-Fit concept many not have an open channel (see the Open-Fit version for that), but it does feature an innovative central relief channel as part of the shell system that is covered with various thicknesses of the resilient Biofoam padding. This is also affected by the Wave system design which has a seating surface with a central depression of more than 5mm in a mild undulating curve, or wave. It is subtle, and has changed somewhat over the years, but has always been a foundation of the Aspide design. The ID Match fit system recommends the design for individuals with low pelvic rotation and the slight lift towards the rear is complemented by the dip, so as you settle into the aggressive posture you get much less pressure than almost any other full-fit saddle. The final key to that being sustainable long-term is the carbon fiber reinforced composite shell, which though allowing some minor, helpful flex doesn't break it or degrade over thousands of miles, ensuring the saddle rides the same out of the box as it will two years later.

The life span requires a durable cover, and San Marco utilizes a synthetic, Microfeel material that is water and wear resistant, is easily cleaned, and has a surface feel that is short friendly. This level of the Aspide Full-Fit is carried by Stealth X-silite rails, a ti-alloy that is light and resilient to clamping forces, impacts and road vibration. The rails are round, 7x7mm, the industry standard option for non-carbon versions. Again, the design is available in two widths, and both have a 277mm width. At 177 grams this is not a superlight option, but still competitive and frankly one of the most consistent, long wearing pro-level saddles available, which is why it is favorite of so many cyclists that embrace the fit and feel. Return to Top


  • Evolving design of one of cycling's most revered designs of the last 20 years
  • Excellent platform in a full-fit design for powerful pedaling action, competitive comfort
  • Full-fit refers to no open channel as opposed to the open-fit version
  • Features an innovative central relief channel that is visible on the main shell
  • Optimized padding thickness where it is needed most at pressure points
  • Considered a Wave design- seating surface with a central depression of more 5mm+ that is similar to a mild curve
  • Cover: Microfeel synthetic- durable and water resistant
  • Shell: Carbon Fiber Reinforced
  • Padding: Biofoam, with variable thickness, density
  • Rails: 7x7mm round Stealth X-silite
  • ID Match recommends this model for individuals with low pelvic rotation, but fit is pre-eminent
  • Length: 277mm
  • Width options: 132mm, 142mm
  • Color: Black (w/ hints of red)
  • Weight: 177 grams (132mm)
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