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Road Saddles

Some riders will never forget the Rolls Saddle design from Selle San Marco. As distinct as it was durable, and as rider friendly as any other option, the Rolls represents the days when one expected a saddle to break-in, conform the body and last for a decade of hard, every day use. Light? Not really, but sleek with some specific design cues that spoke to many racers just a few decades ago. With the Le Classiche cover, riveted on read guard and name plate, as well as a strong, appealing design, the Rolls still evokes the days of steel bikes, bidons, and 32 hole rims with 3x lacing patterns. San Marco has occasionally re-released their classic saddles with some modern materials and with this release some great decisions were made.

The Rolls features a petty traditional, but still superior to the original, SSM Techno-Polymer shell that offers a combination of support and give, but adds in the current titanium alloy Xsilite rails of many Racing level models, as well as the Pebax Biofoam. This padding choice advances the comfort quite a bit, with a lightweight, innovative material known for extraordinary technological benefits when applied in thin layers for maintaining support and comfort with a memory foam response.

Match the upgrades with the old world craftsmanship of the Rolls line, with beautifully shaped thigh-glide construction and quality leather cover and you can feel great on any classic bike group ride. If you have a retro bike or urban bike project to service or simply want to enjoy a slice of cycling history with a bit more current tech, the Rolls is the old-school racer's choice. The Le Classiche variation is dressed with a natural calf skin Black leather at .7mm thick, which features a smooth surface, pleasant touch, and real classic appeal while also being strong and durable over hundreds of hours of riding.

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  • Truly iconic cycling saddle in updated materials and construction, with a classic leather cover
  • Lighter than any other Rolls saddle ever made with a comparable cover
  • Riveted rear guard and nameplate in satin stainless steel
  • Curved design with modest tail, narrow central and forward sections with deep thigh glide zones
  • Techno-Polymer shell delivers body matching break-in over time and use
  • Pebax Biofoam padding offers a thinner layers of protection with memory response at light weight
  • Le Classiche variation features a natural calf skin Black leather at .7mm thick
  • Stealth Xsilite (titanium alloy) 7x7mm round rails
  • Dimensions: 282x143 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 302 grams
  • Made in Italy
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