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If you know and love the San Marco Aspide Open Fit design, but are looking for the stiffest, lightest weight version in a short length variant, the Shortfit Superleggera model is the one for you. Coming with the Wave design and shape, Carbon DNA rail system, and Microfeel cover, you also get a full carbon shell, and excellent pressure relief and comfort from the PEBAX ultra-light, dense, low profile bio-memory foam.

The narrow and minimalist silhouette of the Aspide saddle concept has always drawn the immediate attention of cyclists with narrow sitbone placement and a preference for low weight with a clean aesthetic. Even with the move towards Narrow and Wide width options, the latter has remained true and the same can be said of the relief channel provided by the Open-Fit design. With the Shortfit concept however, the rider is more secure in the saddle, and the most aggressive racing hip angles require optimal power. Despite the Wave design, the Shortfit Superleggera requires a minimal nose-down set-up for proper pelvic support to deliver the best combination of race comfort and outright performance. Saddle fit is largely an individual experience and the Shortfit Superleggera is no different. Sitbone structure width is crucial to skeletal lift and support, but how one's body interacts with the saddle requires using it and the narrow throated taper of the saddle shape delivers a clean path the pedals with minimal thigh interaction for most cyclists.

This fit process is also affected by the Wave system design which has a seating surface with a central depression of more than 5mm in a mild undulating curve, or wave. It is subtle, and has changed somewhat over the years, but has always been a foundation of the Aspide-series design. The id Match fit system recommends the design for individuals with low pelvic rotation, and the slight lift towards the rear is complemented by the dip, so as you settle into the aggressive posture you get much less pressure than almost any minimalist saddle choice. On the 250mm length Shortfit Superleggera Open-Fit, one of the key challenges you face is that with the full carbon fiber shell you don't get the break-in you normally have with the composite shell used on most versions. You have to be prepared for a stiffer riding experience, which is augmented by the Carbon DNA oval rails, which are formed to truly limit torsional flex and give the saddle great strength overall and power transfer overall, regardless of where you mount the saddle on the rails.

The advantage of the stiffness is a very consistent pedaling platform, so the saddle favors a cyclist with a very clean spin and power transfer from the most aggressive riding posture. Comfort comes not from flex, but from the fit and the high quality, dense PEBAX bio-memory foam. Although very lightweight and applied in a relatively thin application, the foam offers much more support than you'd expect, easing the pressure point stress and preventing soreness on long rides, day after day. The resiliency of the foam is excellent, as it simply doesn't break down or get displaced. It contributes to the overall light weigh of the saddle, which listed at 125 grams in the Shortfit Wide.

Not everyone who loves this saddle with be a regular racer, as even serious riders who enjoy hard, fast daily efforts with an aggressive position will be able to enjoy this fit.

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  • Race-level Shortfit carbon rail, carbon shell saddle with SSM's Wave design, light weigh, minimal
  • Open-Fit relief channel complements skeletal lift of the structure to ease pressure on the soft tissue central body zone
  • Shortfit length and narrow throat design favors an aggressive riding posture for those who favor a stiff, supportive platform at all times
  • Shortfit features the side profile of the seating surface with a central depression of more than 5 mm that is similar to a curved line- as such it is listed as Waved saddle
  • Wave design can be recommended for individuals with both ?at back (retroverted pelvis) and accentuated lumbar arch (anteverted pelvis)- both pelvic angles form an aggressive upper body position related to the handlebar height base don the flexibility and body shape of the rider
  • Full carbon shell is super light and tuned for stiffness with minimal give, offers consistent support
  • PEBAX Bio-memory foam closed cell foam that is dense, resilient, super light weight
  • Light weight full carbon rails with DNA X-Shaped waist add strength and support to shell
  • 9.8 x 7mm rail dimensions work with most top/bottom seatpost clamps, require adapter for side clamping designs
  • Microfeel synthetic leather, breathable covering with high abrasive resistance, great feel
  • Shortfit Length: 250mm
  • Wide width: 144mm
  • idMatch size: L3
  • Color: Black, with gloss Black graphics
  • Weight: Wide 125 grams
  • Made in Italy
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