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Road Cranksets

Shimano's 2nd generation 11-speed drivetrain and braking system offers benefits and features that allow the components to better match today's road, endurance, and gravel framesets, with their wider rear spacing, increased tire clearance and a improved braking. The 105 R7000-series components carry all of the physical changes of the higher-end options, but with slight hardware spec, finish, and material changes from Ultegra R8000. Needless to say, R7000 shifts and functions beautifully and consistently, while saving you money. This is one "world" where "trickle-down" truly means something. The Shimano 105 FC-R7000 Crankset could easily be swapped into an Ultegra or Dura-Ace 11-speed drivetrain and most cyclists would be hard pressed to tell the difference. That system integration, carryover technology, and precision engineering define Shimano, and enlivens even the most cost effective performance road components of 105.

The R7000 Crankset features the 2nd gen 11-speed asymmetric 4-arm spider design that delivers power, efficiency and great shifting. The Hollowtech aluminum arms keep the weight manageable, and the drive side integrated into the usual Shimano 24mm crank spindle. Like the R9100 and R8000 cranksets, the chainrings were offset outward .3mm to create a 45.3mm chainline, offering better chainlines and clearances on the wider frame designs. The large chaining is a hollow, 2-piece construction of alloy and graphene fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). This keeps the ring stiff, light, and durable. For the small ring you get a typically well machined aluminum ring. Both rings are anodized for wear and protection, hardening the surfaces. Each pair of rings are matched with teeth profiles and count, so a 50-34 combination was engineered to work perfectly together. The change from Ultregra is that 105 doesn't have the premium HollowGlide technology, and has steel chainring bolts over alloy. No company owns as many shifting patents as Shimano, so no need to worry about performance. It maybe a decibel louder, but you won't notice.

The 105 FC-R7000 Crankset was developed to be used with the R9100, R8000, R7000 series front derailleurs, to accommodate the offset mentioned above in set-up, and to manage wider range drivetrains. While it will work with 9000, 6800 and 5800 front derailleurs, set-up maybe more finicky, and the trim adjustment isn't as refined. The bottom line is that if you are going to an R7000 crankset, using any of the 2nd generation front derailleurs is highly recommended for optimal performance. The same can be said for the full drivetrain, as the shifters and rear derailleur work as integrated system, but if you need to make incremental upgrades, install the R7000 crankset and the FD-R7000 at the same time and embrace Shimano's precise shifting for all your riding needs.

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  • 2nd generation 11-speed 105 crankset
  • Rings offset to accommodate wider frame designs
  • Hollowtech arm system, with 110mm 4bolt spider
  • Spider is asymmetric for power transfer, stiffness
  • 24mm Hollowtech II steel bottom bracket spindle
  • Anodized aluminum rings, Alu/GFRP outer, alu inner
  • Steel chainring mounting bolts
  • Optimized for performance with R9100, R8000, R7000 FD's
  • Crank length options: 170mmm, 172.5mm, 175mm
  • Chainring combos: 50-34, 52-36, 53-39
  • Finish options: Spark Silver, Silky Black
  • Weight: 413.4 grams (170mm, 50-34)
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