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Road Shifter/Brake Levers

Cable actuated shifting and braking with the Shimano 105 ST-R7000 STI Dual Control Levers offers more positive shift action and better braking with less effort and a lighter feel than the 5800 version. Wait? Isn't that contradictory? Perhaps but Shimano has fully refined the levers and systems for the 2nd generation 11-speed groupsets. The improved ergonomics, textured hoods and all important integration with other key components make these the best performing 105 Dual Control Levers produced.

That integration, plus a re-engineered internal shifter mechanism, is key to the improved overall performance. You will only feel the greatest effects when using the R7000 (or R9100/R8000) front and rear derailleurs and dual caliper brakes. The components have been designed together, with subtle mechanical changes from 105 5800, that are keyed by the lever actions. You get the increase (from 10mm to 14mm) of brake lever throw reach adjustment to accommodate your hand size. You still get consistent, quick shifts; but the actions require less force. Mechanically the system is the same as Ultegra but with some internal differences that save money and add a few grams.

As for the build itself the same two factors differentiate R7000 from R8000. The lever body is made from Graphene Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP), the main lever blade is aluminum, while the inner shift lever is GFRP. The front and dual control levers weigh in 500 grams versus the 438g of R8000. You also get a full cable set, with all fittings, OT-SP41 cable housing, and Optislik SUS stainless steel cables. A 240mm long section of OT-RS900 housing is for the rear derailleur loop. This housing is much more flexible for the tighter, shorter curve used with the Shadow-style road rear derailleurs.

A word on cross compatibility: the R7000 Dual Control Levers are backward compatible with 10 5800, but the overall improvements with derailleur and braking performance will be negligible. If you are planning on upgrading a piece or two at a time, we recommend the R7000 Dual Control Levers and RD-R7000 Rear Derailleur first. That way if you can take advantage of the new GS mid-cage version and the 11-34 cassette for greater range. The improved path and frame clearance/compatibility of the new FD-R7000 Front Derailleur essentially requires the R7000 crankset as well, as there is a difference in the position of the small chainring.

It is hard to beat the combination of value, performance, and quality of Shimano 105, and the R7000 components are the best yet. The groupset is offered in both black and silver options so you can choose what works for you. Contemporary components seem to be all black, so having the silver option, especially against a black frame, is warmly welcome.

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  • Improved 2nd gen 11-spd dual control levers for mechanical shifting / braking
  • New ergonomics, subtly smaller shape, with improved textured hood
  • Re-engineered shifter mechanism reduces effort, yet has positive feel
  • Improved braking power with less lever action, now 14mm throw adjustment
  • Best results when used with R8000 RD, FD, and Brakeset
  • GFRP body design is stiff, and strong, GFRP inner lever blade, Aluminum outer shift/brake lever
  • Multi-pivot internal system is exceptionally durable, efficient
  • Full cableset: ferrules, end caps, OT-SP41/OT-RS housing, Optislik SUS cables
  • Sold as a pair, Right and Left
  • Colors: Spark Silver, Silky Black
  • Weight: 500 grams (levers only)
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