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Road Brakes - Disc

Shimano BR-CX77 Disc Brake Caliper

Even with new hydraulic disc brake options, mechanical- or cable actuated, disc calipers still have tremendous value, are easy to set-up and maintain, and deliver excellent stopping power. Shimano's CX77 disc brake calipers are a perfect choice for cyclists using road shift/brake levers with cable actuated braking. Though the calipers are not as svelte or sexy as their hydraulic siblings, the caliper bodies are still and feature manual adjustments that are made with simple, common bike tools. No hydraulic fluid or bleeding to be found here.

The CX77 features an adjustable, fixed inboard pad position, with the cable driven external pad also adjustable at set-up. Ideally you position the fixed pad as close to the rotor as possible without touching throughout full rotation. Then you set the external pad close to the rotor as well. When you pull the lever, you don't want the moving pad to push the rotor too far to make contact with the fixed pad. The CX77 was designed for optimal use with Shimano's second generation 10 speed, and 11 speed STI levers. The cable pull ratio will work with other versions, but will not feel quite as responsive, and you could lose the finite modulation of the ideal combination. It is also important for you rotors to be as true as possible.

The post mount system is flexible, with adapters as necessary, with rotors from 140-203mm, though most road and cyclocross users will opt for 140 and 160mm options. Rotors are not included, but Shimano provides aluminum backed, resin compound pads. If you choose rotors that are compatible with metallic or resin pads, and you ride in wet, muddy conditions, you may opt for metallic replacements. The resin pads are quieter, with a little more stopping power, but less durable when wet. Cyclocross racers may prefer metallic for training, and resin for racing. Overall the stopping power is excellent due to the stout caliper body and efficient design. Appearances can be deceiving, as the CX77 caliper is actually lighter than it's competition from Avid. As you'd expect from Shimano, the overall quality is superb, the caliper effective, and the finish durable.


  • Mechanical (cable actuated) disc caliper compatible with Shimano STI levers
  • Excellent stopping power with minimal modulation (better feel with resin pads)
  • Both internal/ external pad positions adjustable, internal is fixed, external cable driven
  • 74mm Post Mount for front or rear, 140mm-203mm rotors with adapters as required
  • Low profile design minimizes potential damage, works well in tight drop-out curves
  • Fully compatible with 5700, 5800, 6700, 6800, 7900, 9000 STI levers
  • Comes with a set of resin compound G01A disc pads
  • We recommend Shimano disc rotors be used with these calipers- not included
  • Sold as an individual caliper, if you need a pair, purchase quantity of 2
  • Weight: 164 grams