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This disc brake adapter has been designed by Shimano for a Shimano Flat Mount road disc brake caliper on Flat Mount fork for use with both 140mm and 160mm disc rotors. The dual design is clearly marked for proper installation based on your rotor choice.

Shimano machines these adapters for precision, to perfectly match the caliper and a properly faced/machined fork interface so the caliper can align exactly to the verticality of the disc rotor for optimal use. The adapter does not come with hardware, as it should come with the caliper and the lengths needed vary with the design of the fork blade.

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  • Disc brake caliper adapter for front Flat Mount disc caliper on a Flat Mount disc interface on a fork
  • Designed for set-up in either 140mm or 160mm rotor choices with Shimano road Flat Mount disc calipers
  • Machined aluminum for and optimal relationship with caliper and properly faced or machined fork
  • Does not include mounting hardware
  • Shimano part: Y8N230000
  • Sold as a single adapter
  • Color: Black
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