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Road Brakes - Disc

Shimano BR-RS805 Disc Brake Caliper

Road specific hydraulic disc brake calipers offer the best balance of weight and stopping power for road bikes, and with the super clean and efficient Flat Mount standard ushered by Shimano, the caliper designs can be compact, more aerodynamic, and less exposed than post mount or IS standard mounts taken from mountain biking. The BR-RS805 Disc Brake Caliper comes in front and rear specific units- sold individually, complete with brake pads and the necessary mounting hardware. Both come pre-configured for use with 140mm disc rotors.

The BR-RS805 calipers are compatible with Shimano's STI levers that have been designed for hydraulic disc braking. Shimano uses a mineral oil fluid system that is safe and easy to install, bleed and service. Bleeding is done via a one-way process and requires a simple bleed kit for service. The caliper body is machined from aluminum to be light, stiff, and strong. Steel fixing bolts hold it in place. The caliper was designed for use with IceTech/Shimano disc brake pads, including the finned options. Each caliper is shipped with the aluminum backplate/fin resin pads (L02A-R) that are optimal in dry weather and super quiet while producing excellent stopping power and a consistent feel at the STI lever. At around 145 grams per caliper, the system is lightweight as well.

Shimano produces several pad options that are compatible with the BR-RS805 calipers, but keep in mind that the mountain brake and RS785 road/cross calipers use a different pad standard. The Flat Mount calipers, including the Dura-Ace 9150, share a pad standard of their own. While the RS805's come set-up for 140mm rotor use in both front and rear options, Shimano makes perfectly matched adaptors to space the caliper outward for use with 160mm rotors. These adaptors are also front and rear specific.

Shimano's hydraulic system is straightforward, with simple parts and safe mineral oil. If you are purchasing the BR-RS805 calipers because your new frame has the Flat Mount system, and you already running RS685 mechanical or R785 Di2 STI hydraulic levers, getting set-up with the RS805's is fairly straightforward. If you require new hydraulic hose, you need to use the SM-BH59 version. Barring that, this caliper comes with the mounting bolts, brake pad retainer, and pad center bolt and pads you need to get confident, impressive braking on your Flat Mount equipped disc road or cross bike.


  • Shimano hydraulic disc road calipers designed for flat mount frame/frame system
  • Lightweight aluminum calipers that are front and rear specific
  • Includes L02A-R padset, Aluminum backing plate and fins, resin pad compound
  • Also includes mounting hardware, brake pad spring, pad spacer for travel
  • Compatible with BH59 hydraulic hose and fittings
  • Clean, updated body design and housing routing with simple bleed system
  • Use with Shimano road STI hydraulic levers (RS685, RS785, RS505, RS405)
  • Designed for 140mm rotors, front and rear specific adaptors available for 160mm
  • Options, sold individually: Front, Rear
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 145 grams