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Rocking an old school frame or simply addicted to rim brakes for cyclocross or touring? Well, strong performing cantilever brakes are still made. Shimano's BR-CX50 cantilever rim brake is a rim brake that can be used for cyclocross and touring, and its unique structure prevents the accumulation of sludge such as mud. While disc brakes are fully mainstream, there are still many great cantilever designed frames enjoying long riding lives.

The BR-CX50 design can be used as either front or rear, so if you need a pair, just purchase two. Shimano includes plenty of hardware as well as spacers that give you better set-up with wider rim models. Their R50T2 pads for aluminum rims are included. Subtle grey color works visually with various frame colors and component set-ups.

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  • Cantilever brake caliper unit
  • BR-CX50 can be used on both front and rear, and comes with brake pads, screws, and bolts
  • Includes various spacers for different bolt lengths (to accommodate different rim widths for proper spacing)
  • Spring tension adjustment
  • Center pull system with easy straddle cable set-up
  • Includes: Shimano R50T2 brake shoes
  • Option: Front / Rear (same design)
  • Color: Grey
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