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Now available in a 1x drivetrain optimized length for mountain and gravel set-up, the CN-M8100 chain is the workhorse of the Shimano 12-speed ecosystem. All Shimano road, mountain and gravel groups are fully compatible with this chain design. Now you simply get 138 links versus the 126 of the standard length version. Optimized for width, plate design and overall integration with Hyperglide+ chainring and cassette cog tooth profiles, the CN-M8100 is one of the quietest chains Shimano has produced, despite the massive cassette range and extreme chainline angles. Originally developed for the M8100 mountain bike drivetrain, it is also fully compatible with Shimano road 12-Speed Road R9200, R8100, R7100 drivetrains, which also feature HG+ profiling.

Shimano applies their SIL-TEC ultra-low friction surface treatment technology to this chain. SIL-TEC is an advanced plating process that improves system performance through the use of imbedded fluorine particles resulting in systems that run smoother and wear longer in all conditions. One of the major focus points of the M8100 drivetrain was Shimano's commitment to smoother, quieter, and more intuitive shifting performance. The chain is crucial to all of these elements. Shimano engineered the Hyperglide+ system to help riders seamlessly maneuver rough trails by reducing pedaling shock and cutting shifting times by a 1/3 versus the current HG system.

A second major focus was on chainwrap and retention of the chainrings and cogs. This was achieved by extending the end of inner plate to firmly hold both throughout the pedaling action. The engineers also made subtle changes to the outer edges of the plates, no doubt to improve up and down shifts by reducing friction points. This true even with the wider teeth of the chainring. The inner plates seem to be chamfered, allowing the chain to self center on the teeth which decreases stress on the plates and rollers, reducing wear and allowing the chain to sit as deeply on the profile of the teeth as possible. The mere 10-12 gram difference from the DA/XTR-level to the Ult/XT-level chain is in the hollow pins used by the CN-M9100. With this version, you get solid pins and save some cash with a minor weight penalty, exceptional performance, and excellent wear.

The CN-M8100 12 Speed Chain employs a 12-speed specific version of the Quick Link system (SM-CN910-12), and it is not recommended you use any other option. As with the 11-speed Quick Link, the 12-speed version is a single-use item. Once you install then remove, it needs to be replaced. We recommend you pick up a few so you have them at home for cleaning or service, as well as having one in your saddle bag or hydration pack. While it is much easier with proper chain-link plier tools, the link can be separated or installed by hand. This 305 gram chain comes at full length with 138 links. Return to Top


  • 12-speed HG+ chain for Shimano M8100, M9100, M7100, R9200, R8100, R7100 drivetrains
  • 138 Link version is optimal starting length for 1x mountain and gravel drivetrains with wide range, long derailleur cages and longer chainstay lengths
  • Optimized for width, plate design and overall integration with Hyperglide+
  • Chromizing treatment protects roller link plate
  • SIL-TEC treatment for extended offroad durability
  • Commitment to smoother, quieter, and more intuitive shifting performance
  • Major focus was on chainwrap and retention of the chainrings and cogs
  • Self centers on the 1x teeth which decreases stress on the plates and rollers
  • Compatible with 1x or 2x 12-speed HG+/HG mountain/road drivetrains
  • Utilizes single-use SM-CN910-12 12-speed Quick Link system
  • Solid-pin, highly evolved and proven chain design for XT- M8100
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 305 grams (at full 138 links)
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