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Road Brakes - Rim

Shimano Dura-Ace BR-R9100 Brake Caliper Set

Though the beneficiary of one of the strongest upgrades from Dura-Ace 9000 to 9100, the standard BR-R9100 Brake Calipers for rim braking have struggled to overcome the glare of the new hydraulic disc brake system 9100 has introduced. And yet, with pro's, and many enthusiasts still preferring rim braking, the 43% increase in power of the boldly sculpted calipers cannot be ignored. Yes 43%. For those of you who ride Dura-Ace dual pivot caliper brakes now, that number must astound. Every generation, from 7800 through 9000 not only set new benchmarks for the industry, most cyclists believed the power and modulation of each was the best available. So a 10% improvement would be greeted with warmth and affection. A 43% improvement in power? Amazing. And good news for 9000, 6800 and 5800 users, the SLR-EV pull ratio remains the same, so an upgrade will make a difference. There are benefits to pairing with the 9100 STI levers, as the lever adjustment has increased, adding 4mm of throw, and the stroke feels easier with the new levers, which no doubts improves the modulation and rider feel, along with the power for advanced braking across the board with less effort.

The new design is much more angular, and you can see where the engineers favored adding and reducing the lightweight aluminum used. The pivots are larger, and the angles clearly offer some aerodynamic relief in those areas. A stabilizer between the pivots adds strength, but also helps to produce a more linear curve to the braking, which is noticeable to the cyclist through greater predictability. The new design accommodates tires up 28mm with proper clearance around the crown of the tire. A new lever design moves the closed position in-line with the arch of the caliper, for minor aerodynamic benefit. Though you still get and adjusting knob to increase or decrease cable tension, the open/close lever no longer has the graduated indexing. It is felt that with the greater clearance, proper set-up, and better overall performance that this feature is no longer necessary. All tool access is straightforward, making installation and service simple.

Shimano has always applied it's best springs, pivots and other hardware to Dura-Ace caliper brakes, and the 9100 is no exception. The near black finish is both bold and stealthy at the same time, and impeccably done. Whether you are building a new 9100 or 9150 group, or feel the need to upgrade from you current Shimano 11-speed group, the Dura-Ace BR-R9100 Brake Calipers are a clear improvement over the best caliper brakes we had previously used. The increased power, easier linear feel, and increased tire clearance all standout features, and the new design and high-polish finish are Dura-Ace worthy. Enjoy the increased overall performance from the best dual-pivot brake calipers made.


  • SLR-EV Dual pivot caliper brakeset with increased power, linear feel, more clearance
  • 43% claimed increase in power when used with 9100/9150 levers
  • Also compatible with 9000, 6800, and 5800 series 11-speed levers
  • Work with external rim widths from 20.8-28mm, and have the standard 51mm reach
  • Pivoting, angling shoe cartridges, with R55C4 standard pads for alloy rims included
  • Pivot stabilizer adds strength and power, increases linear feel
  • Angular design adds aerodynamics to strengthened aluminum caliper features
  • Top quality springs, titanium pivots and hardware, accessible tool access for easy use
  • Release lever now just open or closed, closed inline with caliper arm to reduce drag
  • Clearance around tire crown for 28mm tires (tires vary with purpose/manufacturer)
  • More control, better feel and power results in use predictability, rider confidence
  • Sold as a set, front and rear calipers with frame/fork mounting bolt length options
  • Color: Near Black
  • Weight: 326 grams (pair)