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Shimano's embrace of direct mount caliper brakes was a partnership with a few large bike manufacturers. Certainly, there are advantages to the design, but few rim brake frames are even offered these days. Still, many cyclists still ride and love their rim brake frames and sometimes require an upgrade or replacement, so Shimano carried the Direct Mount rim brake system into the R9200 series components. Given the incredible capability of the R9100-series, these R9210 models are virtually the same. In general these calipers are lighter than dual-pivot versions, more aero when frame and fork design are designed for this purpose, and power is very consistent, as is pad contact and pull. When Shimano re-engineered the Dura-Ace 9100 group, upgrading the performance of the 9000 direct mount brakes was no small task. Still, the company increased power, made the design more aerodynamic and with assistance from adjustments made at the STI brake lever, the overall feel is more linear while requiring less effort. The result is greater predictability, less hand force to create more braking power and a sleeker design- which carried forward to the R9210.

The BR-R9210 Direct Mount Brake Calipers offer 28mm tire clearance, work with external rim widths from 20.8-28mm, and have the standard 51mm reach. The same angle and pivot adjustable magnesium pad holder and R55C4 standard Shimano brake pads offer a perfect set-up every time. The cable tension adjuster is tactile and easy to use. Shimano changed the function and finish position of the open/close lever. There is no longer a graduated adjustment and the lever aligns over the caliper arm when the brakes are closed for better aerodynamics. Shimano has maintained the same cable pull ratio as all of their 11-speed levers, so you can upgrade or replace your calipers as desired or required with 11 or 12-speed generations.

In order to improve overall power and aerodynamics, the aluminum caliper has been reshaped, with augmentation to provide greater stiffness and more consistent braking under heavy power. This may be noticeable more to heavier riders, or those who tend to brake as late as is feasible. It will take a truly sensitive rider to feel improvement in feel, as the 9000 series direct mount brakes were highly impressive in this regard, but most rim brake riders will notice real subtleties when paired with the R9100, R9150 and 9250 series levers, as the ergonomics and leverage in the STI do feel different, despite the carry over of the cable pull ratio.

Shimano sets the industry standard for braking and Dura-Ace R9210 is no exception. Direct mount designs may offer the two fixed mounting points that eliminate a major engineering challenge of dual pivot brakes, but even more precision must be achieved to ensure proper brake pad alignment and closure to the rim. Even a slight error can result in poor braking and uneven rim pressure. Shimano has created a super smooth, linear feel with their SLR-EV standard and with added power and a cleaner profile, the BR-R9210 Direct Mount Brake Caliper will not only impress, but exceed rider expectations. Shimano offers the standard seatstay frame (BR-R9210-RS), and this fork-based (BR-R9110-F) direct mount versions, as well as a special non-series rear brake for under-chainstay, behind the bottom bracket designs (BR-RS811-R) that is used on many aero road, time trial, and triathlon framesets. If you seek premium, feel, modulation and power, Shimano Dura-Ace delivers, and the 9200 series is still the apex rim brake option on the market. Return to Top


  • Direct mount 2- bolt style, premium SLR-EV road brake front caliper for Shimano 11/12-speed levers
  • Exceptional power, linear feel, with easy install and set-up, tire clearance to 28mm
  • Increase in power with less effort when used with R9250/R9100/9150 STI levers
  • Also compatible with 9000, R8000, 6800, R7000 and 5800 series 11-speed levers
  • Pivoting, angling shoe cartridges, with R55C4 standard pads for alloy rims included
  • Work with external rim widths from 20.8-28mm, and have the standard 51mm reach
  • Angular design adds aerodynamics to strengthened aluminum caliper features
  • Top quality springs, titanium pivots and hardware, accessible tool access for easy use
  • Release lever now just open or closed, closed inline with caliper to reduce drag
  • Clearance around tire crown for 28mm tires (tires vary with purpose/manufacturer)
  • More control, better feel and power results in use predictability, rider confidence
  • Sold as individual calipers with three models specific to mounting zone
  • Front direct mount caliper: R9210-F
  • Color: Near Black fade with high-polish finish
  • Weight: 154 grams
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