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Shimano redesigned their Flat Mount hydraulic disc brake calipers with the release of the R9200-series Dura-Ace components. With an all-new Mono-Body construction design, high performance road disc braking has reached a new peak. The BR-R9270 caliper drops weight while also providing increased pad clearance, ensuring a quieter ride, while a new bleeding process makes maintenance easier than ever. The two-piston caliper weigh in at 97 grams without hardware and are Shimano's smallest form hydraulic calipers to date, but the structure maximizes stiffness and reduces weight. Like the R9100 series hydraulic levers, the R9200 series levers feature Servo-Wave action, which optimizes brake control, with lighter, smoother lever action creating 13% wider control area from the brake lever down to the action of caliper. The system enhances modulation thanks to an expanded braking control area while the caliper features 10% wider pad clearance to decrease the chance of rotor rub. The resin piston moves smoothly and consistently in the stout block, delivering braking control, modulation and plenty power as needed.

The mineral oil based system is now easier to service and bleed, via the modified One-Way system featuring a separate bleed port and valve screw on the caliper. IceTech disc brake pads are included, along with base mounting hardware and the ability to install the caliper for either 140mm or 160mm rotor use. The calipers themselves are sold as Front or Rear. Rotors are not included. The caliper connect to the levers via Shimano's SM-BH90-JK-SSR hydraulic brake hose kit, and the caliper features a straight hose joint for cleaner routing and better operational performance. Shimano recommends their RT-MT900 disc rotors, though the previous generation and RT-MT800 rotors are compatible. Best heat minimization and overall performance will be with the RT-MT900 / 800 generation.

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  • Premium road Flat Mount 2-piston disc brake caliper for 1st generation Shimano 12-speed brake system and compatible with Shimano 11-speed road hydraulic levers with Servo-Wave lever action
  • Shimano's smallest caliper body made to date; one-piece Mono-Body structure maximizes stiffness and reduces weight
  • Resin piston, anodized aluminum caliper body, 4mm hex head steel fixing bolt
  • Shimano-specific mineral oil hydraulic fluid system is safer to use and will not damage
  • Refined design, improved performance from Servo-Wave technology of brake lever system
  • Separate bleed port and valve screw improve the One-Way bleeding process
  • 13% wider control area from the brake lever down to the action of caliper
  • 10% wider pad clearance decreases the chance of rotor rub
  • Calipers can be set-up for 140mm or 160mm rotors
  • Straight hose joint for cleaner routing and housing set-up
  • Included screw fixing pin, snap ring prevent caliper bolts from backing out
  • Bleed block and mounting hardware included, though some frames and forks may require other bolt length options
  • Includes IceTech L03A disc brake pads; resin; finned, secured with pad axle
  • Compatible with Shimano SM-BH90-JK-SSR hydraulic brake hose kit
  • Sold individually: Front, Rear
  • Finish: Series Black
  • Weight: 97 grams
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