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Shimano developed a unified (standard and compact gearing use the same interface), 4-arm asymmetric crankset spider design for the 11-speed cranksets. For the Dura-Ace Hollowtech II R9100, the rings are designed with Hollowglide construction, which creates a tremendously stiff, lightweight chainring that can withstand daily riding by top level cyclists, as well as the power of the Di2 front derailleur. The teeth are highly engineered for optimal shift efficiency, chain retention, and wear, employing the Hyperdrive tooth profiling system.

The R9100 outer chainring features the Black-Pewter anodized fade polished finish and is sculpted to perfectly match the face and finish of the crank spider for make create a near seamless visual experience. When selecting a new outer chainring, please remember the inner and outer rings are designed as a system for fast, precise shifts, so for example, a 52T outer should only be paired with the proper 36T inner ring.

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  • Genuine 11-spd R9100 outer chainring for replacement or gearing change
  • The 4-arm asymmetric spider design is nominally a 110bcd, but proprietary
  • Hollowglide 2-piece hollow chainring is incredibly strong, lightweight
  • Aluminum external layer, CFRP inner layer
  • Integrated tooth design employs Hyderdrive shift engineering
  • Highly engineered for optimal shift efficiency, chain retention, and wear
  • Note: the R9100 outer ring is built with integrated threaded bolt receivers, but DOES NOT include the four necessary M8x10.1mm chainring bolts; these come with cranksets, and are also sold separately if required, under Shimano part# Y1H598160
  • Outer rings are designed to match specific inner rings
    • 50T (34T), 52T (36T), 53T (39T), 54T (42T), 55 (42)
  • Options: 50, 52, 53, 54, 55
  • Made in Japan
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