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The Dura-Ace Di2 electronic drivetrain shifting system has delivered the preeminent front derailleur shifting performance since it's inception. The precision, the power, efficiency, and utter reliability has only been improved upon by the successive generations of Di2. With Shimano upgrading Dura-Ace from the 9000 series to the R9100 series, the R9150 Di2 components once again provide industry leading shift performance. While it can be difficult to differentiate the changes, Shimano has diligently worked to optimize performance, construction, and design. With the evolution of the E-Tube connection system the set-up, alignment and customization have all gotten simpler. Shimano has also made the front derailleur more compact and strengthened the housing and fitment against crash damage. As Di2 is a fully integrated system, shifting improvements and refinement come in conjunction with the new R9150 and R9170 STI Levers and E-Tube capability.

The big news for Di2 in the R9150/70 series is the option for direct customization via e-Tube with the new STI, along with the R9150 Di2 Rear Derailleur and this front version. You can set your carbon shift levers up for Shimano's SyncroShift with two primary options. In fully synchronized shifting, the front derailleur automatically shifts off the placement and shifting of the rear derailleur in combination based on your choices. In semi-syncronization mode, the rider shifts both front and rear normally, but front shifts are augmented by an automated rear shift to moderate the large jumps and pedal lag that can cause. In normal shifting mode you can still program the shift buttons to your preference for which each shift action each lever actuates, or even control compatible computer head unit mode or screen buttons. The E-Tube system allows to do all this from their app on mobile devices or directly through a PC interface. With E-Tube, your system must all be set-up and physically connected, and for the new system you will need to be using a BM-DN100 (external battery mount) or BT-DN110 (built-in battery) and EW-WU101 ANT/BLE wireless connector.

The R9150 Front Derailleur weighs in at just 104 grams, as a braze-on type only. A Di2 specific SM-AD91 clamp is required for frames without a braze-on tab. Every piece of the mechanical structure is the quality you expect from Dura-Ace, with aluminum, CFRP and titanium featuring. The cage is aluminum with a corrosion resistant, highly durable nickel finish to handle the physical stresses of the powerful shifting system. The cage design works with large chainrings from 46-55 teeth, and with a max 16T spread from large to small ring (ex. 34-50, 39-55). A 43.5mm chainline, as is the norm with a Dura-Ace R9100 crankset, provides optimal shifting performance. There is a single E-Tube port and unit firmware can be updated through the E-Tube system. The electronics and servo motor are shrouded with a CFRP housing, which is waterproof and crash resistant. This system has proven itself in all facets through thousands of hours of professional road and cyclocross in all weather conditions, and by the legions of cycling enthusiasts that have embraced Di2 over the last few years.

As a signature component in the R9150 Di2 line-up, this Front Derailleur continues the refinement of this premium electronic shifting system, manipulating the chain up and down from ring to ring with ease and impeccable precision, even self-trimming for optimal cage alignment based on the chainline. Shift perfectly in any chainring-cassette combination during any effort level with the Dura-Ace FD-R9150 Di2 Front Derailleur.

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  • Upgraded, refined Di2 front derailleur for the premium road electronic shifting system
  • Quick, smooth, precise shifting under high pedaling torque in any ring/cog combo
  • Combines via E-Tube with R9150/9170 STI and RD-R9150 for SyncroShift options
  • Single E-Tube port; firmware updated via E-Tube
  • Increased CFRP housing strength and resistance to impact
  • Dura-Ace level internals-mechanical parts, cage is nickel plated for durability
  • Braze-on style; Di2 specific SM-AD91 clamp is required for non braze-on frames
  • Optimal with: 43.5mm chainline, 61-66° stay angle, 46-55T chainrings (16T cap.)
  • Follow all mounting and alignment constructions to prevent drivetrain, frame damage
  • Finish: Dura-Ace R9100 scheme
  • Weight: 104 grams
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