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Road Brake Rotors

Shimano Dura-Ace SM-RT900 Rotor

The Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 series component group introduced the Japanese company's first fully integrated Dura-Ace hydraulic disc braking system. From the the levers, through the calipers, and with these RT-900 rotors, the system, though informed by years of mountain bike disc development, has been built and optimized for the requirements and conditions of road cyclists at the highest level. Power wasn't the issue, but consistent power and feel, as well as heat management, were the keys to top performance. Through their partnership with ICE Technologies, Shimano worked from the technology of the IceTech Freeza rotor system to develop the RT-900, which perfectly match the form and function of Dura-Ace road hydraulic disc braking.

The RT-900 rotors start out from the center, with the spline-style Center Lock hub interface. Stable, sure, while being quick and easy to remove or install, these Center Lock rotors are available in 140mm or 160mm sizes. From the center out, a size-specific radiator structure made from aluminum is more aerodynamic, while also using airflow to cool the caliper and rotor braking surface. That rotor is a sandwich of stainless steel "bread" with an aluminum core. As the braking surface needs to be durable and capable of friction from the brake pads, stainless steel is a perfect choice. The aluminum core refuses to hold heat, so as the pad friction builds heat, the core releases it, preventing the rotor and pads from "cooking" or burning up, and the mineral oil hydraulic fluid from overheating. Shimano and IceTech claim a 30° reduction in heat at the rotor with this integrated radiator and sandwich combination, which is what delivers the consistent, fade-free performance that road cyclists need, particularly on long descents where long periods of finely modulated braking are required. That consistent and nuanced braking response allows the rider to be supremely confident in the system and allows them to both take more risks and be safer in the process.

Shimano developed the Dura-Ace 9100 series hydraulic braking system to be used with these RT-900 rotors and the IceTech finned brake pads that come with the calipers for optimal braking performance. Both resin and metal compounds are available, with resin L02A steel/aluminum finned pads shipping with the BR-R9170 flat mount brake calipers. The performance of the the RT-900 rotors is excellent and we expect to see the same reliable durability we have experienced with the Freeza rotors. Shimano went to great lengths to ensure that optimal balance was achieved with the Dura-Ace R9100 hydraulic set-up, and the RT-900 rotors play an essential role in delivering on that promise. If you are riding Dura-Ace hydraulic braking, whether with Di2 electronic or cable actuated mechanical shifting, complete the system with these rotors. Experience hydraulic road braking at the highest level with Shimano.


  • Premium road hydraulic disc brake rotors for Dura-Ace R9170 hydraulic calipers
  • IceTech partnership delivers power, control, Freeza heat management, durability
  • Sandwich style rotor has inner and outer layers of stainless steel, aluminum core
  • Actual brake rotor attaches to size specific aluminum radiator structure
  • Airflow is better managed for both aerodynamic and cooling purposes while spinning
  • Heat reduction improved by 30°C in comparison to original IceTech Freeza rotor
  • Center Lock spline hub mounting system is reliable, zero slop, easy to install/remove
  • Rotors are sold individually, Center Lock anodized aluminum lockring included
  • Options: 140mm, 160mm
  • Weight: 140mm 96g, 160mm 118g (weighed without lockring)