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Road Shifter/Brake Levers

The clever Dura-Ace Di2 ST-R9180 TT Dual Control design is reworked into a perfectly aerodynamic and ergonomic hydraulic disc brake lever and Di2 shifting platform. Simplified and easier to calibrate and service, the levers are designed to be mounted into the ends of your bar ends and be fully programmable and offer all synchronic shift options available. Sold individually, left or right, these levers are designed to work with Di2 electronic shifting systems for both the 11 and 12 speed generations. You MUST update the firmware before full connecting to the current version to have 12-Speed compatibility, as well as a specific wiring requirement for that generation's eTube wiring system.

This ST-R9180 TT features a single button per shifter for complete optimization of Synchro Shift. For those unfamiliar, Synchro Shift is viewed as particularly useful on aero bike set-ups because the auto shifting limits the interaction with the shifters significantly, keeping your body more relaxed and your arms, shoulders and head quieter for better aerodynamics and stability, while your focus is on the road and your pedal stroke, not which gear you are in.

The single button design is easy to use, and with E-Tube, you can set-up your shifter function based on your preference. The E-Tube wire installs right into the lever body via the connected short cable female port. The expanding wedge-type fastening system works with virtually all aero bars and was designed for internal wire routing, as is the brake cable/housing. Shimano uses GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) for the each shift body and bracket, while the button and carbon brake lever blade are made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic). The lightweight expanding wedge is machined aluminum and fits bar ends with a 19-22.5mm internal diameter range.

Other than the master cylinder that is built into the lever, hydraulic disc brake system components for Shimano's - the hose kit and caliper- are not included. Shimano's SM-BH90-JK-SS Hydraulic hose kit is the proper version, and 2nd generation 11-speed calipers (R9170, 8070) as well as 12-speed calipers (R9270, R8170) are all compatible. The brake lever itself does feature the Reach Adjust system for customized reach based on hand size/finger length. Return to Top


  • Base Bar-end style Di2/Hydraulic STI shift/brake levers for TT/triathlon set-ups
  • Directly compatible with SD50 e-Tube only, for use, customization, firmware updates
  • Optimal, simple single shift button performance for Synchro Shift set-up
  • Multi-Shift function allows press/hold for multiple shifts, can be turned on/off
  • Made to fit, and be compatible with virtually all base bars for internal routing
  • Hydraulic brake housing also intended to be routed internally
  • Expansion plug system delivers sure hold and stability
  • Effortless ease of of use, simplicity with single button option of Synchro Shift
  • SM-BH90-JK-SS Hydraulic hose kit and compatible disc caliper required, front or rear from R9170, 8070, R9270, R8170 series (not included)
  • One SD50 (11-spd generation) Di2 female port on hard mounted short wire per shifter
  • For 12-speed use, you must wire aerobar/basebar assemblies together, then use an SD50 to SD300 junction to be able to connect with a 12-speed SD300 wire for use with BT-DN300 battery; as well as ensure you update the firmware for your levers before fully setting up the system
  • CFRP/GFRP/Aluminum construction
  • Select Right or Left
  • Weight: 99 grams (Approx)
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