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Road Bottom Brackets

Shimano Dura-Ace Track BB-7710 Bottom Bracket

Shimano has long continued their Dura-Ace 7710 Track Crankset, which requires a threaded, internal bearing bottom bracket with a 109.5mm Octalink V1 eight spline interface. Unlike it's road counterpart, the BB-7710 Track Bottom Bracket features steel threaded cups and a hardened, polished chromoly steel axle. It is designed to handle the high stress, heat, and power of world champion track cyclists.

The bearings are sealed, and feature Shimano's exceptional steel balls.The bearings are not adjustable. Installation of the non-drive side requires a 20 tooth deep spline interface tool, such as the Park BBT-22 or Shimano UN-74. For the 8 notch drive side many prefer a lockring style tool like the Park BBT-7 or Shimano UN-96-A. Currently we are only able to source this BB-7710 in the BSC (English) threading for 68mm wide bottom bracket shells.


  • Dura-Ace level internal thread bottom bracket of 7700 series cranksets
  • Designed for 7710 Track crankset with Octalink V1 short spline interface
  • Hardened chromoly steel axle with precision machining
  • Sealed bearings with high quality Shimano made steel ball bearings
  • Both threaded cups are steel
  • Non-Drive side require 20 notch tool
  • Drive side requires 7 spline or quality lockring tool
  • Spec: 68mm wide BSC threading, axle shaft 109.5mm long, Octalink V1 spline