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Wheels Road Wheels - Carbon

If you are looking for a set of every day, moderately aero clincher wheels you have to consider the Dura-Ace WH-R9100 C40 Wheelset. Shimano's commitment to system development and overall quality ensures you are getting wheels that truly can handle the rigors and requirements of training and racing. Will the R9100 C40 be the lightest in it's class? No. But it won't carry a huge penalty nor will you be worried about riding over unexpected road hazards or finicky hub maintenance. The hybrid aluminum/carbon 35mm profile rim design delivers a smooth, resilient, and fast ride quality, while the machined brake track ensures great all-weather control and stopping power. The external rim width sits at 20.8mm, ideal for tires from 700x23-28mm and will still fit in most frames and forks offered over the last several years.

Shimano works to keep the rotational weight low, for the obvious reasons of a faster and more responsive wheel, but also to make sure the hubs, bearings, and freehub are not only durable, but also have impeccable performance. The R9100 hubs feature wide flanges and bearing spacing, as well as the use of their proven CBN finish cup and cone system which features contact seals, with premium stainless steel bearings. Shimano's Digital Adjustment System affords you the opportunity to easily dial in the hub set-up. While the hubs are fully serviceable, it is actually rare you will ever need to. For the rear hub, the titanium freehub body saves weight, but also won't wear externally. You don't need to worry about cassettes biting into it. Internally you again find contact seals and stainless ball bearings. Engagement is rapid, smooth and quiet. The stiff machined aluminum hub body, oversized alloy hollow axle and stout freehub just feel solid at all times.

The application of the hub and rim strength ratings allow Shimano's engineers to opt for a high tension spoke lacing system. The 16 spoke front wheel is laced in a radial pattern, with straight pull, anodized black stainless steel spokes and Shimano's stout alloy nipples. The front wheel rides very smoothly for an mid-aero wheel, and is both laterally stiff in corners and sure-footed on rougher roads. The rear wheel features the same spokes and nipples, again with straight pull design, but laced with Shimano's OPTBAL 21 spoke design. Working off the asymmetric rear rim, Shimano installs 7 radially laced spokes on the non-drive side, at high tension, then laces the driveside with 14 spokes, in a 2x pattern. That actually allows the engineers to balance the spoke tension side to side to offset the dished nature of the driveside width of the hub system. The effect is a very stable, responsive and strong wheel that holds it's tension very well, yet is resilient to impact and road noise. We highly recommend you only use a Shimano certified mechanic if you feel the wheels need truing. A spoke tension meter is crucial to ensuring the wheels are tensioned properly to Shimano's specification.

The WH-R9100 C40 Wheelset is a standard clincher design, and only for quick release dropouts; 100mm front, 130mm rear. Included with the wheels are the newer Dura-Ace aero QR skewers, wheel bags, rim strips and nipple wrenche. At 1508 grams for the pair, the weight is very reasonable, especially when you factor in the quality and durability. The aerodynamic figures aren't offered by Shimano, but many pro cycling teams ride Shimano wheels, so you know that has been addressed. The C40 rides supremely well in windy conditions, responds well to aggressive moves, is stable and fast on rolling terrain, and is always in control when you need to slow down or stop. Dura-Ace quality surpasses it's reputation. This wheelset is a top choice for cyclists and triathletes who want quality, durability, speed, ease of clincher tire use, and overall value. We highly recommend them.

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  • Mid-aero 35mm profile road wheelset with excellent overall performance
  • Incredibly durable, with very little service required even with daily use
  • Rim has a machined aluminum base structure with a carbon aero section chemically bonded to the rim
  • External rim width: 20.8mm, ideal for tires from 23-28mm
  • Welded rim joint, with fully machined aluminum brake track
  • Dura-Ace R9100 straight pull hubset for 100/130mm QR drop outs
  • Wide bearing spacing, oversized alloy axle, stainless bearings, contact seals
  • Rear freehub: 11spd titanium, with contact seals, stainless bearings
  • Spokes: black anodized stainless steel, straight pull; alloy Shimano nipples
  • Lacing: 16h front- radial, 21 hole rear asymmetric, with OPTBAL 7 radial non-driveside spokes, 14 2x driveside
  • Includes: wheel bags, R9100 aero skewers, rim tape, spoke nipple tool
  • Finish: Carbon/R9100 Black/pewter fade
  • Weight: 1508 grams (FT 647g, RR 834g)
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