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Wheels Road Wheels - Carbon

Shimano Dura-Ace WH-R9100 C60-CL Wheelset

There is more to wheels than weight. Sure, we all want them light and responsive. But what about price? Or practicality? Or durability? True aero performance, or ride quality, or serviceability? Shimano has never been about micro-lightweight anything. Shimano engineers their wheels for day after day of proven performance and durability. Not every road racer can justify $3K+ for a set of aero carbon tubular wheels they will only run on race day. That is one of the reasons we love the Dura-Ace R9100 C60 Wheelset. You get proven aero, 50mm, carbon/aluminum engineered D2 clincher rims carrying an excellent brake track, with a pair of the smoothest, most durable, serviceable, and high quality Dura-Ace hubs- all for a list price of $1699. Perfect for the building road racer or triathlete who is on a budget, and can truly train on the wheels they will be racing on, meaning one wheelset that does it all, and can truly handle the load.

Shimano moved to the D2 rim concept a few years ago, to offer the wider 22.4mm rim structure that most riders are looking for. It also allowed the Japanese component geniuses to make the rim structure lighter and change the overall aerodynamic profile. For the C60, Shimano starts with a aluminum rim structure that carried spoke tension and provides the reliable machined alloy brake track. That rim becomes a striated spine structure to which layer upon layer of carbon laminate is bonded, creating the build up of the deep section fairing that defines the visual look of the wheel. Shimano perfected this technology a decade ago and it is incredibly strong, reasonably light weight, and durable over time and all kinds of on-the-road stress. The overall story is that of a rim structure that offers improved aerodynamics, inherent rim lateral rigidity, and increased responsiveness.

For spokes, Shimano developed black, stainless steel, lightly bladed, butted models that can be laced to high tension, yet still offer a bit of give under impact, taking the edge off the rim and the rider. Black stainless steel nipples are also used, ensuring that corrosion will be minimal and easily countered, while again allowing for the high tension required. The front wheel features 16 spokes, laced in a the radial pattern, allowing leading edge to pass cleanly through the oncoming air. The rear employs 21 spokes, and odd number for sure, but finely calibrated with a radial pattern on the non-drive side the hub design to counter the offset nature of the rear hubshell to the cross pattern of the driveside, creating better wheel balance without using an asymmetric rim design.

Dura-Ace hubs are the premium Shimano road offering. Delivered here as machined alloy components with a straight pull flange configuration, with a sleek aero shape, and the OptBal design in the rear, the wheels are easy to true and tension. Shimano uses an oversized 15mm alloy axle system for these quick release 100/130mm hubs for added stiffness and lightweight. The bearings are Shimano's tried, true, and excellent stainless steel models, with their CBN hardened finish. Contact seals keep the internals clean, while the angular contact structure of the hubshell serves to overcome centrifical force as the wheel spins and is then leaned into a corner. Shimano is the top advocate for this system, and that it be serviceable. Not that you will likely ever need to, but you can. The quality and reliability blows away even the best straight sealed cartridge bearings. The rear hub carries an 11-speed titanium freehub body that saves weight, and is more durable than steel. Of course, Shimano's QR skewer system is the most reliable, and the Dura-Ace 9100 model is the lightest and most aero they offer.

Only you can know what your budget and realistic goals are. We are here to help you understand what you get your money. The R9100 C60 Wheelset delivers you a complete clincher set-up that be trained on every day, and carry you through crits, rolling or flat road or triathlon courses, even grace your first time trial or aero bike. The performance will be consistent, with smart acceleration and overall responsiveness. The C60 will never feel soft in corners, but allow you to carve the line you eye ahead. As you roll at speed you'll feel fast and smooth, with the wheels urging you to go faster. The rest is up to you.


  • 50mm mid-section aero clincher road wheelset for road race & triathlon
  • Rim features a unified hybrid aluminum and carbon laminate construction
  • Shimano D2 rim design with 22.4mm width
  • Alloy rim structure carries clincher hooks, spoke tension, machined brake surface
  • Layers of carbon applied and bonded to base rim structure build out aero shape
  • Stainless steel spokes- straight pullblack, bladed, butted; black SS nipples
  • Front wheel: 16 spokes laced in radial pattern
  • Rear Wheel: 21 spokes, laced iradial non-drive, cross driveside
  • Hubset machined from lightweight aluminum, uses 15mm OS alloy axles
  • Flanges are straight pull design with easy access for service
  • Anodized ubs use contact seals, stainless steel ball bearings with CBN finish
  • Rear hub features 11-speed road titanium freehub body
  • Recommended tire size range: 23-28mm
  • Size/configuration: 700 road, with 100/130mm hubs, quick release type
  • Included: Rim tape, Dura-Ace QR's, spoke nipple wrench
  • Finish: Anodized Black / Carbon
  • Weight: 1851 grams