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Small Parts Chainring, Crankset and BB Parts

If you need a replacement chainring bolt set for your Ultegra 6800 crankset, look no further. The sculpted design with rear bolt placement of the 6800 crankset is a signature feature, with caps designed as shrouds on the 46 tooth outer-ring to match the sculpted final aesthetic of the larger outer rings. Shimano packages the 10mm bolts and replacement caps together. This kit comes in a set of 8 (4 10mm bolts and 4 caps) and is a genuine Shimano kit. The caps are receivers required when you use a 46 tooth ring, as with the 46-36 cyclocross crank or when replacing a larger ring with a 46.

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  • Genuine Shimano replacement parts kit for Ultegra 6800 chainring bolts and caps
  • Four 10mm Torx T30 chainring bolts
  • Four alloy receiving caps for use with 46 tooth chainrings, each with specific shape and position on the crank arm, see back of cap and ring for lettered order (ABCD)
  • Bolts compatible with Ultegra 6800 cranksets of any combination
  • Threads are pre-prepped, tighten to torque spec of 12-16 Nm
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