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This GRX 815 Di2 11-Speed Kit is an Excel Sports package of several specific GRX and Di2 items required to build an e-Tube wired 2x11 drop bar bike. Drivetrain and braking-wise, this package has everything you need except items selected by rider need/preference: a crankset, 24mm Shimano compatible bottom bracket, which will be specific to your frame, and disc brake rotors. We are offering a Shimano 11-34T 11-speed road bike cassette. For Di2-specific items we are including the internal seatpost battery, the charging transformer / charging cable w/ USB. You will still need all necessary Shimano SD50 Di2 e-Tube wires, and a Junction A type connection (most people opt for the IEWRS910 handlebar end type; Excel# 117254). Please feel free to call us at 800.627.6664 during business hours to discuss necessary wiring requirements for your specific frame and handlebar set-up.

Given the challenge of sourcing GRX components, we are assembling these kits as items become available. Please know that some kits will come with the Shimano-boxed Lever with Caliper, while others may come with individually packaged lever, caliper, and hydraulic hose kit items. Detailed information for this kit is listed below.

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  • GRX 815 series 2x11-speed Di2 shift/hydraulic disc brake components sold as a partial kit
  • Contains: Right Di2 Shift/Hydraulic Brake Dual Control Lever and Caliper | Left Dual Control Di2/Hydraulic Lever and Caliper | Di2 Front and Rear Derailleurs for 2x use, | 11s Chain | 11s 11-34T Cassette; Di2 Battery, Di2 Battery transformer with USB cable
  • You will still need: GRX 2x crankset, 24mm ID Shimano compatible Bottom Bracket that fits your frame | 2 Disc Brake Rotors (RT800 or equivalent) in your desired size(s) or another brand/model of comparable rotors, all SD50 Di2 wiring, Junction A box
  • GRX has been strength and durability optimized for the rough surfaces, debris, dust, and rigors of gravel use
  • Levers feature ergonomic and tactile shapes and features for greater control, rider connection
  • HYPERGLIDE improves shifting both up and down the cassette, even under maximum pedaling load
  • Drivetrain features optimized progressive gearing options engineered for performance, speed without sacrificing drivetrain efficiency

Detailed Group Contents for 2x11 GRX Di2 Kit

  • GRX ST-RX815 Di2 Right & Left Dual Control Lever and Disc Caliper kits (or individual lever, caliper, and hose kit components
    • 11-spd Dual Di2 Shift / Hydraulic Disc Brake levers for GRX drivetrains
    • Set-up features both side Di2 shift levers as you can customize lever functions in Di2 e-Tube app
    • Two SD50 ports for e-Tube wiring
    • Hood and lever shapes feature gravel specific ergonomics, texture
    • Raised hood head prevents hand misalignment and slippage
    • Anti-slip lever texture and brake lever coating
    • Recessed finger notch prevents upward slipping
    • GRX Di2 specific lever shape and design-won't match GRX or non-GRX 800 series levers
    • Brake lever features ServoWave action, Reach Adjust, Free Stroke
    • Faster initial bite point followed by wider control area; modulate braking forces more easily, precisely
    • Calipers have refined design, improved performance from Servo Wave technology of brake lever system
    • Mineral oil fluid system, with easy to service/bleed design
    • Flat Mount BR-RX810 hydraulic brake caliper switch IceTech finned disc pads
    • SM-BH90-JK-SSR hydraulic hose and fittings
  • GRX RD-R815 Di2 Front Derailleur
    • Delivers quick and smooth front shifting even under high pedaling torque
    • Designed for a wider, 17T front range
    • One SD50 e-Tube wiring port
    • Programmed chain guide trim settings
    • FD compatible with full or semi Shimano Synchronized Shift modes
    • Wider tire clearance: Chainline +2.5 mm vs conventional road FD
    • Braze-on type
    • Chain line: 47mm
    • Compatible with Shimano LINKGLIDE, HG 11-speed chains
    • Chain stay angle: 61-66°
    • Top gear teeth 46-48T
  • GRX RD-R815 Di2 Rear Derailleur
    • Silent and uninterrupted rear shifting on rough terrain
    • Mid cage and pulley wheel sizing; for 2x11 Di2 drivetrain only
    • One SD50 e-Tube wiring port
    • 13T Guide and Tension pulley wheels
    • Shimano Shadow+ design is compact to the frame; with clutch tensioner
    • Adjustable chain stabilizer prevents chain slapping and drops
    • Gravel-tuned clutch tension for rough surfaces; with on/off feature
    • Four fluoric coated link bushings
    • Shimano e-Tube Project Di2 electronic shifting component
    • Compatible with Shimano LINKGLIDE, HG 11-speed chains
    • 38T total capacity, 30-34T low sprocket, 11T top sprocket, 11 pulley teeth
    • Compatible with 11-32T, 11-34T 11-speed Shimano road cassettes
  • CS-HG800 11-Speed Cassette, 11-34T
    • Compatible with GS cage rear derailleurs
    • Offers low climbing gears perfect for mixed surface riding
    • Rider-tuned gear combination & cadence management
    • Optimal 11-speed drivetrain gear ratio
    • 11-Speed HG-EV cassette delivers great durability and improved HyperGlide shifting
    • Spacer required to fit hub body to HG11 road freehub (included with cassette)
    • Compatible with HG11 Mountain and HG11 Road (with spacer) freehub bodies
    • Dual aluminum spiders, HG lockring
    • Cogs: 11-34T: 11-13-15-17-19-21-23-25-27-30-34T (all Steel)
  • CN-HG701-11 XT/Ultegra Chain
    • Directional 11-speed chain delivers smooth and reliable shifting performance
    • SIL-TEC treatment on the roller link plates and pin link plates for increased durability
    • QUICK-LINK (SM-CN900-11) Single-use master link
  • Di2 E-Tube BT-DN110 Internal Battery
    • Waterproof Di2 battery designed for Di2 compatible seatpost installation with 11-speed E-Tube system
    • Requires Junction A Box for charging with SM-BCR2 Battery Charger
    • 1.5 hour recharge time, run time varies with use/conditions
    • Lithium Ion cell at 500mAh, 3.7w delivering 7.4 volts.
    • No need to remove your seatpost to charge battery when wired properly
    • Comes with 2-piece plastic mount, washers, and lockring
  • Di2 E-Tube SM-BCR2 Battery Charger
    • Transformer allows for charging a dead battery in 1.5 hours
    • Includes USB (SM-USB1) power adapter
    • E-Tube compatible - plugs into Junction A box
    • No need to remove the battery with proper wiring
    • Can use with PC direct to update Di2 component firmware and change system functions
    • Finish: GRX Di2 Gray
    • Sold as a package- absolutely NO exchanges, trades, omissions; will not be broken up for sale

    We recommend purchasing a 100ml bottle of Shimano Hydraulic Mineral Oil (Excel# 115703) for assembling/bleeding the lever, caliper, and hose system. For those seeking wireless ANT+ or BLE wireless communication to the Di2 system, purchase the Di2 E-Tube D-Fly EW-WU111 Wireless Transmitter (Excel#117276) and integrate it into the wiring set-up.

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