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Shimano has brought the e-Tube Project Di2 electronic shifting system to the 800-series 11-speed GRX gravel group. Adding the precision, customized shifting profiles and reliability of Di2 to GRM makes perfect sense especially with the abuse hands suffer on rough gravel and mixed pavement terrains. The GRX FD-RX815 Di2 Front Derailleur carries most of the construction and design of the Ultegra R8050 Di2 Front Derailleur, but like it's mechanical sibling, the FD-RX815 Di2 has a 2.5mm outboard chain line designed to allow wider tire clearance for mixed-terrain riding. The cage design also accommodates a 17T front chainring range for wider gearing options, such as that found on the 2x GRX crankset; a 48-31T combination.

The front shifting might just be where the largest benefit of Di2 is realized on road or gravel for a couple of reasons. Di2 front shifting is proportionately much faster than cable front shifts and this adds immediacy and efficiency when terrain is rugged and constantly variable. Also, front shifts on a cable system can be tough for riders with pure riding fatigue or hand/wrist issues like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Di2 makes the shifting effort simple and effortless, especially with the new lever ergonomics of the GRX Dual Control lever design. One of the slickest features of Di2 is the auto-trim of the front derailleur. The front derailleur automatically centers itself when rear shifts are made making front derailleur cage rub a thing of the past. The e-Tube Di2 system also offers shift button customization, and the popular Synchro options.

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  • 2x drivetrain specific FD for the 11-spd GRX Di2 electronic shifting system
  • Increased frame, wheel clearance, with improved mechanical advantage
  • 2.5mm outboard chain line designed to allow wider tire clearance
  • Optimized for wider dropouts, greater gearing range, efficiency
  • Customizable automatic trimming
  • Single e-Tube port
  • Programmed electronic shifting with Synchro option- fast and accurate
  • Compatible with all E-Tube Di2 technology including firmware updates
  • Braze-on type only
  • Finish: GRX/Di2 Scheme
  • Weight: 135 grams
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