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Road Shimano Build Kits

The success of Shimano's 11-speed GRX gravel components in both 1x and 2x With the GRX Limited Edition series, Shimano has created a special edition silver finish that embraces the beauty of aluminum. It perfectly complements the efforts of the frame builders who blend the aesthetic form of their creations with the inherent beauty of their metal materials of choice. It can also ideally complement carbon bikes, especially all, or nearly all, black or natural carbon finishes. The bold silver finish evokes the past, but the design, performance and capabilities will carry you to far locations whether fast or at a more leisurely pace.

The GRX Limited Edition Groups feature the same component build as the GRX-810 series, but with the spectacular LTD finish. This item is the 2x11 drop bar version. A 48-31T chainring combination is ideally matched for range and speed with an HG800 11-34T road/gravel cassette. Drivetrain and braking-wise, this package has everything you need except disc brake rotors (often selected by rider preference) and a 24mm Shimano compatible bottom bracket, which will be specific to your frame. Detailed information is listed below. A limited number of these groupsets was created by Shimano, so if you are interested we recommend you don't consider your options for too long.

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  • GRX 810 series 2x11-speed GRX Limited mechanical shift/hydraulic disc brake components sold as a groupset (w/o disc rotors, w/o bottom bracket)
  • Contains: Right Mechanical Shift/Hydraulic Brake Dual Control Lever w/Caliper | Left Mechanical Shift/Hydraulic Brake Dual Control Lever w/Caliper | Rear Derailleur for 2x use, | 2x Crankset, 48-31T | 11s Chain | 11s 11-34T Cassette
  • You will still need: 24mm ID Shimano compatible Bottom Bracket that fits your frame | 2 Disc Brake Rotors (RT800 or equivalent) in your desired size(s)
  • GRX has been strength and durability optimized for the rough surfaces, debris, dust, and rigors of gravel use
  • Levers feature ergonomic and tactile shapes and features for greater control, rider connection
  • HYPERGLIDE improves shifting both up and down the cassette, even under maximum pedaling load
  • Drivetrain features optimized progressive gearing options engineered for performance, speed without sacrificing drivetrain efficiency
  • Detailed Group Contents
  • GRX ST-RX810-LE Right and Left Dual Control Lever w/ Disc Caliper sets / 2x11-speed
    • 11-spd Dual Control Mechanical Shift / Hydraulic Disc Brake lever packages for GRX drivetrains
    • Lever/hose/caliper not assembled
    • Shift/Brake Lever, hydraulic hose; BR-RX820-LE Flat Mount Disc calipers for front and rear
    • Same light shifting operation as Ultegra road systems, SIS indexing; optimized for durability and rider control
    • Hood and lever shapes feature gravel specific ergonomics, texture
    • Responsive lever throw actions and light but positive engagement feel
    • Raised hood head prevents hand misalignment and slippage
    • Anti-slip lever texture and brake lever coating
    • Recessed finger notch prevents upward slipping
    • Includes: Polymer-coated SS cable, OT-SP41 housing, Right lever set includes OT-RS900 loop specifically for use with rear derailleur- required for proper rear shifts
    • GRX specific lever shape and design-won't match non-GRX 800 series mechanical levers
    • Brake lever features ServoWave action, Reach Adjust, Free Stroke
    • Faster initial bite point followed by wider control area; modulate braking forces more easily, precisely
    • Calipers have refined design, improved performance from Servo Wave technology of brake lever system
    • Mineral oil fluid system, with easy to service/bleed design
    • Flat Mount BR-RX810-LE hydraulic brake calipers with IceTech finned disc pads
    • SM-BH90-JK-SSR hydraulic hose systems and fittings included
  • FD-RX810-LE GRX 2x Front Derailleur; braze-on
    • Slimmer, cleaner design offers more tire clearance
    • 17T front chainring range (ex. 48-31T)
    • Ergonomic power curve features link (toggle) construction
    • In conjunction with lever, inspires a natural stroke feeling
    • Precise and easy front derailleur set-up with more cable routing options, integrated cable tension adjustment
    • Stats: 61-66° angle, 47mm chain line, Linkglide/HG 11-speed chain compatible, 7 link bushings, 46-48T top gear teeth
  • RD-RX810-LE GRX Limited Rear Derailleur for 2x11s use
    • Silent and uninterrupted rear shifting on rough terrain
    • Longer cage and different pulley wheel sizing; for 2x mechanical drivetrain only
    • 13T Guide and 11T Tension pulley wheels
    • Shimano Shadow+ design is compact to the frame; with clutch tensioner
    • Adjustable chain stabilizer prevents chain slapping and drops
    • Gravel-tuned clutch tension for rough surfaces; with on/off feature
    • Four fluoric coated link bushings
    • Compatible with Shimano LINKGLIDE, HG 11-speed chains
    • Linkglide/HG 11-speed chain compatible, 40T total capacity, 30-34T low sprocket, 11T sprocket, 17T max front difference
    • Compatible with 11-40, 11-42 11-speed Shimano MTB cassettes
  • FC-RX810-11-2-LE 2x Gravel Crankset
    • balances weight and efficiency for mixed-terrain riding
    • Gearing options for the specific demands of gravel riding; maintaining tighter gear steps for better pedaling rhythm
    • Hollowtech II forged aluminum construction
    • Hollow tech steel 24mm axle
    • Stats: 151 Q-Factor, 47mm chain line, 110/80mm BCD
    • Requires 24mm ID Shimano compatible bottom bracket based on your frame design
    • Special silver LTD 48T large chainring, Ultegra-level 34T inner ring (black)
  • CS-HG800 11-Speed Cassette, 11-34T (compatible with Shimano HG11 Road freehubs, and HG11 Mountain freehubs (with spacer use)
    • Two aluminum spider arms deliver strength, at lighter weigh, with fewer individual cogs
    • Hyperglide assette delivers precise shifting even in the most demanding gearing situations.
    • Rhythm step gear progression offers smooth, smartly progressive cog sizes for the range
    • Dual aluminum spiders (5-block, 2-block; plus 5 single cogs, necessary spacers), HG lockring
    • Compatible with HG11 Mountain and HG11 Road (with spacer) freehub bodies
    • Cogs: 11-34T: 11-13-15-17-19-21-23-25-27-30-34T
  • CN-HG701-11 Ultegra/XT 11s Chain; 268g (actual)
    • Directional 11-speed chain delivers smooth and reliable shifting performance
    • SIL-TEC treatment on the roller link plates and pin link plates for increased durability
    • QUICK-LINK (SM-CN900-11) Single-use master link
  • Options (Crank Length only): 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
  • Finish: GRX Limited Edition Silver
  • Sold as a package- absolutely NO exchanges, trades, omissions; will not be broken up for sale
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