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The 10-spd GRX ST-RX400 Dual Control Lever with Caliper Set forms the Dual Control STI system mechanical shift/hydraulic disc brake use with GRX 10-speed The Right and Left levers are for the mechanical derailleurs and front hydraulic disc brake for the 2x drivetrain. Shift wise, you get the smooth running Optislick stainless steel shift cable and OT-SP41 pre-lubed housing. The Right lever also includes the required, more flexible OT-RS900 loop that must be used with the rear derailleur for proper rear shift action.

Shimano developed GRX components for the rough terrain and mixed surfaces that make gravel riding so challenging, fatiguing and fun. The shift/brake lever ergonomics make for easier leverage, hand positions, comfort and tactile use despite the constant vibration and small impacts of gravel riding. The lever blades feel correct and proper with a standard road drop bar shape, as well as the flared drop bars popular for gravel. Admittedly, they appear larger than Ultegra road levers, but the increased size and variable shape of the levers definitely afford a real advantage on rough terrain, and deliver light, yet precise and positive shift action.

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  • 10-speed GRX 400 Dual Control Mechanical Shift / Hydraulic Brake assembly for GRX 400 2x drivetrains
  • Exceptionally similar to GRX 600 11-spd version in build quality and functionality, but for 10-spd
  • Left lever is Front control for 2x drivetrain, Right is for Rear 2x drivetrains
  • Same light shifting operation as top tier road systems, SIS indexing
  • Responsive lever throw actions and light but positive engagement feel
  • Hood and lever shapes feature gravel specific ergonomics, texture
  • Raised hood head prevents hand misalignment and slippage
  • Anti-slip lever texture and brake lever coating
  • Recessed finger notch prevents upward slipping
  • Includes: Optislick cables, OT-SP41 housing, Right lever set includes OT-RS900 loop specifically for use with rear derailleur- required for proper rear shifts
  • GRX specific lever shape and design, will not match road or others
  • Higher brake lever axis - curved brake lever improves braking input performance
  • Improved grip and confidence on choppy surfaces and descents
  • Higher braking efficiency reduces fatigue on long rides
  • Brake lever features Reach Adjust (tool required)
  • Materials: GFRP, Steel, Resin, Aluminum
  • Select Right (rear) or Left (front)
  • Finish: GRX 400 Black scheme
  • Weight: 306-307 grams
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