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Shoes Road Shoes - Women

Despite the recent growth of club or home based indoor cycling by both serious and fitness cyclists, Shimano has long offered cycling shoes specifically for indoor use. Now the line is a little more diverse, with different options. The entry-level IC1 Women's Indoor Shoe still offers all the key features and reasonable performance, easy-on off, and a a sole that allows you to choose between 2-bolt or 3-bolt pedal cleat options if so desired. As a result, the IC1 is a breathable and comfortable shoe especially designed to boost your indoor cycling workouts. Made from durable mesh and with a cross strap for a firm and customized fit, the IC1 is a versatile option. With durable mesh on top and a ventilated sole, the IC1 will help you keep your feet cool as you dial up the resistance.

Features-wise, indoor cyclists will find the right set-up here. A stabilizing heel pad ensures walking is a breeze. The single hook and loop strap and slip-on design make it quick and easy to put your shoes on, get on the bike, and start pedaling. The strap crosses the mid part of your foot, providing a firm hold for optimal power transfer and comfortable adaptable arch support for a customized fit that can be adjusted while you are the bike as well. The IC1 shoes have five holes in their outsole, which makes them compatible with all popular pedal systems. It’s a unique feature which offers you maximum flexibility and choice. Whether you’re into the SPD / 2-hole pedal system, or prefer SPD-SL / 3-hole, this shoe will work for you. For those who prefer just using a pedal cage or strap, you still get the stiffness and cycling last that keeps your feet supported properly, as well as the ventilation, and if you decide to move to a peda'/cleat system, you can do this anytime.

Shimano has designed the Dynalast Women's system and insole to support the arch, with a little toe lift that feels natural when you are transmitting power from the ball of the foot to the pedal, you don't strain your arch or toes. It is narrower and lower volume in the 36-41 sizes. The IC1 is not the stiffest cycling outsole shoe, rating 6 out of 12 on Shimano's stiffness scale, but indoors you don't need the absolute stiffness of superlight and super expensive carbon fiber. Many fitness beginners or non-outdoor cyclists have a very difficult time getting used to an ultra-stiff outsole. Having proper stiffness in the longitudinal shaped of the foot is important and you get that, but there is a little lateral flex you can feel, and that is more natural, less restrictive and actually will work some different muscles in the legs.

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  • Indoor cycling shoe with a comfortable women's fit, maximum breathability, and pedal system versatility
  • Breathable, comfortable sock mesh upper designed for hard workouts
  • Easily open and tighten cross strap to securely hold instep
  • Rubber heel zone and toe tap for easier walking
  • Lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole' rated at a moderate 6 stiffness level
  • Find the right cycling fit and foot support with Shimano's Dynalast Women's design
  • Perforated insole works with outsole ventilation for quick-drying performance
  • Compatible with 3-bolt (such as SPD-SL) and 2-bolt (SPD) cleats
  • Womens fit has slightly narrower last and lower volume capacity in sizes 36-41
  • Sizes: 36-41 whole sizes only (see unisex version for larger sizes)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 205g/shoe (size 38)
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