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Mountain Brake Pads - Rim

Any V-brake caliper that requires a Shimano groove, thin-line brake pad can immediately be upgraded with the M70R2 V-Brake Pad. This standard compound version is good all around- in dry, dusty, wet, muddy, and clean conditions. The curvature delivers maximum rim interaction and the deep in-cuts release water, dirt and heat for better performance. While there aren't many riders using V-brake pads for mountain biking these days, many cyclocross riders stick to lighter weight cantilever brake systems, and many of the best use the longer mountain bike pad design. Get a pair of premium Shimano V-brake pads, with installation pins, and attack with confidence this season.

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  • Shimano V-brake carrier compatible thin-line pads deliver excellent performance
  • Standard compound offers power/control in all conditions
  • May be loud and wear faster in extreme conditions, but work properly
  • In-cuts help to shed water, dirt, and mud
  • Slightly curved shape matches rim circumference better
  • V-brake pads must be toed-in properly for optimal braking power and control
  • Sold as a pair (2 pads), with installation pins
  • Color: Black
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